Writing this one a little early - seeing as we're headed into TC tomorrow! If you're in Vegas, please stop by the Community and say hi - if you're staying home or traveling elsewhere, you may notice a bit of a lull in activity, but not to worry, it's only temporary!



If you're unable to attend TC this year, we're trying something new this year - a virtual conference. That's right, you'll still be able to watch some of the key notes and sessions from afar. For more information, check out: Can’t Attend TC? We’ll Bring the Conference to You | Tableau Software


Last week, Michael Chen announced Introducing TabMon, a Cluster Monitor for Tableau Server. This is an open source cluster monitoring tool that allows you to keep an eye on your system. Very useful and worth checking out!


Additionally, Matt Coles, shared his code to create VizAlerts here: Introducing VizAlerts, A Data-Driven Alerting Tool for Tableau Server. This is highly useful for getting an alert when a certain threshold in your data has been met! Super cool!




Two of our major contributors received the "Answer Wizard" badge last week. This means 100 of their responses were marked as correct. kettan has been a member of the community since 2012, and if you don't know him, the best way to sum up the work he's done for this community is curator. Kettan is constantly categorizing and helping to keep the Tableau Community organized and is one of the faces that makes it so amazing. Thank you Kettan for all that you do!


The second person who achieved this badge is Ville Tyrväinen has been a member of the community since 2013 and has substantially contributed to it as well. From sharing a workbook in the Workbook & Calculation Library to providing great responses to people asking questions - we truly appreciate everything you've done Ville - thank you!


Additionally, we had two people receive the "Question Slayer" badge - or 50 correct responses. swaroop.gantela and Tableau's Diego medrano are constantly help people receive the answers that they need. Swaroop joined the community in May of 2014, and is always responding to people's posts and voting and commenting on ideas for the Tableau. Diego, a member of the Tableau Community team, has been actively pursuing people without responses so that they also get their answers. Thank you both for all the contributions you've made!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

anoop.mohandas.0 had a question about Need help with Pie Chart. He was having an issue with filtering and getting the right level of detail. Mounika Bheemavarapu asked several clarifying questions in which Anoop promptly responded. However, it was Daniel Vincent who responded with a very detailed step by step response using screenshots. In another post, he even added a video to help demonstrate what to do, and it solved Annoop's issue!

(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

This is an oldie, but goodie. I actually came across this need a couple of weeks ago. The specified item was not found.. It was created in 2008, but just this past spring it was revived with Shawn Wallwork responding to Saumil Kapadia who searched before creating an entirely new question

Top Voted Idea

Jennie Kearnes created Customise the default font permanently in 2013 and it keeps springing to the top voted ideas. Just this past month, it's received 24 up votes!

In Other News


Have a great week everyone! And until next time, happy analyzing!!


As always, feel free to send any comments, questions, or suggestions for this digest my way at tfitzgerald@tableau.com