Happy Monday Tableau Community! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. Per usual, there's a lot that's been going on in the community this week and last. Take a quick minute to see what's going on -




Today is the first ever Tableau Fringe Festival (currently live now!). It's the brainchild of Emily Kund and Jen Vaughan that is "By the community, for the community." So far, there have been some great presentations and even if you didn't get a chance to join, all of the presentations are being recorded and will be shared! Thank you Emily and Jen for creating such a fantastic event


Are you going to Tableau Conference in Vegas this year? Let us know how many conferences you've been to: How many Tableau Conferences have you been to? Looking forward to seeing everyone who will be able to make it, hopefully, we'll get a good turnout to the Tableau Community Meetup. I can't believe it's only a couple of short weeks away!




First, I'd like to do a major call out to Mark Fraser who has moved up to the top community leader in the last 12 months! Mark has been an incredible contributor to the community since he joined the community last November. Wait, what?! He's been a member of the community for less than a year? That's right, Mark jumped in with both feet and hasn't looked back. Mark, we really can't say thank you enough to how much you've helped people in this community in such a short time.


Two others have also achieved a major milestone this past week (and actually, they both should have achieved this sooner, but the way we had things set up with our badges delayed it). Toby Erkson and Jeff Strauss both received the "Answer Wizard" badge - meaning 100+ of their responses have been marked as correct! Both Toby and Jeffrey are Tableau Ambassadors and spend a lot of time in the Server Administration area - helping people everyday.


Toby has been a member since 2012 and has been someone who has always had the community's best interest in mind. Thank you Toby!


Jeff has been a member since 2013, but this past year has really stepped up his game as well. Thank you Jeff for all your work!


We also had someone who achieved the "Questions for Breakfast" badge this past week - Daniel Vincent had 25 of his responses marked as correct. Daniel has been a big help in getting people the outcome their expecting, especially when it comes to calculations and views. Thank you Daniel for the contributions you've made to the community and we hope to continue seeing you!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread
Bryan Mills started the discussion Quick filters for 2 different series on the sam... | Tableau Support Community. However, using two filters on the same view wasn't showing him the data that he needed to see. Working with Joe Oppelt, he was introduced to using parameters along with the lookup function in a calculation to start moving him in the right direction. Joe has been working very diligently with Bryan, sharing workbooks and explaining what is happening. Looks like he had gotten the issue, until Friday, when more data was added and the viz stopped working as desired.

(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

This is an oldie, but goodie. Back in 2014, Mark Jackson shared Make your own custom Tableau Server landing page. There hasn't been any activity on it since May of this year, yet it is definitely one that people reference pretty regularly. If you haven't seen it, see what can be done to make Tableau Server look more the way you want it to look.



Top Voted Idea

This week's top idea is one started by Tableau employee, Loic Grange, and has to do with parameters - Multi-Values Parameters  [ RELEASED ]. This idea would come in handy for a number of scenarios (maybe even help with Bryan's issue above). It received 11 votes this week, giving it a grand total of 706 up votes.



In Other News



Thank you all for reading the digest this week! Hope you have a great one, and until next week - happy analyzing!


As always, feel free to send any suggestions or comments for this digest my direction at tfitzgerald@tableau.com.