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Welcome to today's Community Digest. Grab your lunch, a cup of coffee, or just settle in for a quick overview of last week's happenings around the community:




Maintenance releases for version 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, and 9.0 were released last week. For more information about what was fixed, check out the Release Notes | Tableau Software.


Interested in learning more about how Zen Masters have become so "zen" in learning Tableau? Check out this blog post about their tips in How to Improve Your Data Skills & Become an Exceptional Human Being | Tableau Software.


Will you be at Tableau Conference this year in Vegas? If yes, be sure to stop by the Tableau Community Meetup!




Steve Martin achieved the "Questions for Breakfast" badge - aka he has had 25 of his responses marked as correct! Steve has been a member of the community since 2011, and has steadily been participating and helping people out. Thank you for everything that you have done for the community and continue to do, Steve!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

Hrishikesh Panchal asked a question about How to change format of Custom Date Option? Joe Oppelt, Daniel Vincent, and Bora Beran provided Hrishikesh with a couple of hints and documentation with how to get the desired outcome. However, he was still having some issues, so Joe walked him through the issue, in a step by step reply to get Hrishikesh the abbreviated date using a continuous date that was converted to discrete.



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

Monika G posted this question back in 2013 - How to create Top 5 and Bottom 5 values with respect to a Measure in Bar graph in same worksheet. This is a cool thread because it shows how Tableau changed from version 7 to version 8. Russell Christopher showed how Monika's issue was solved using combined sets.



Top Voted Idea

Oh man - 3 weeks running! Jennie Kearnes's idea to Customise the default font permanently is the top voted idea - this week with 10 up votes. Tied for second this week are three ideas: Alerting mechanisms    [RELEASED] (posted by Xavier P), Multi-Values Parameters  [ RELEASED ] by Loic Grange, and Undo/Revert to Last change on the Server by Ajay Shenai all had 6 up votes.



In Other News



Thanks all for checking out the digest this week! Until next time, happy analyzing!


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Have a fabulous week!