Happy Monday everybody! A reminder that I'm taking over for Tracy Rodgers this week to fill you in on all the Community goodness. As with last week, a little bit of trivia about today in history (Seattle edition): Today in 1990, Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey Jr. became the first father/son pairing to play on the same Major League Baseball team, playing for the Seattle Mariners. And now that our hearts have been warmed, on the the Digest:


This past week was another rendition of Think Data Thursday. The event TDT: I didn't know that was Tablossible is now available online and was absurdly impressive and definitely worth a watch. A huge thanks to Noah Salvaterra, Jeffrey Shaffer, and christopher.demartini for imparting their serious skills and making the event such a success. As always, we love ideas for future installments. Feel free to reach out to community@tableau.com!

Our Tableau Online initiative is still in full swing. For the month of August, any posts that come in categorized as Tableau Online will be responded to by one of our Tableau Online experts with a goal to respond to each post within one business day!

A big congratulations to Vladislav Grigorov for achieving the "Questions for Breakfast!" badge after having had 25 questions marked as correctly answered! He consistently brings energy, fun, and intelligence to our Community forums and we're grateful to have him!

Most Talked About Thread

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Madhu Pimple started this week's most talked about thread: AVG should consider the total users it considers only the filtered ones Madhu wanted to compute a total for all users even when filtering some out with a user filter. Luckily, Joe Oppelt and Pooja Gandhi chimed in to help out.

(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

Christian Lam posted last December about the ability to redirect URLs when updating a viz, to make sure users' bookmarks remain active. Eric McDonald gave a workaround which Toby Erkson confirmed. Check out the thread here: Is it possible to have the URL of a view redirected.


Top Voted Idea

This week's top voted idea comes from one of my favorite people in these forums: Matt Coles. His idea is to have Tableau come pre-installed with most necessary drivers and to make installing drivers into a more automatic process. I upvoted it and you can too:



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Happy vizzing!