Happy Monday - we're full swing into August now, and there's no slowing down. Here's a peak into what happened last week -



The next Think Data Thursday will be announced later today - so keep your eyes open for that one!


Still trying to decide whether or not to go to Tableau Conference 2015 in Las Vegas? Well, all customers speakers have now been posted to maybe help you make your decision. Check them all out and their sessions here: Speakers | Tableau Conference 2015




Congratulations to Rody Zakovich for receiving the "Answer Wizard" badge! That means that 100 of his responses have been marked as correct by others. Rody joined the Tableau Community at the beginning of this year and has been perpetually been adding a considerable amount of valuable content to this community. Thank you Rody for all you do!


Just under a month ago, Ailsa Zheng received the "I Know Stuff!" (10 correct answers badge) and last week she achieved the "Questions for Breakfast" badge - 25 correct answers. She has been on a rampage helping them get their questions answered. Thank you Ailsa for helping the community!


Two new members have also achieved the "I Know Stuff!" badge this week - venkatesh.sharma and Ben Page. Both are relatively new members to the community (Ben only joined in July) and both are making a mark. Thank you both and we hope to continue seeing you in the community answering questions!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

Petr Romanov wanted to know How to create space between line and label. The issue Petr was having was the label of the line and it's value all on one line so that there was space between the end of his label and the viz. Jim Wahl helped him get pretty close to the desired outcome by using a bit of a workaround that involved using blank text boxes to hide some unwanted labels, etc.

(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

Allan Walker's post about Alternative background maps was the second highest viewed thread this week with 859 views. It's always interesting to see which threads get the most views and trying to guess. In this case, there hasn't even been any new activity on this post since January 2014 - maybe maps are just on everyone's minds these days.



Top Voted Idea

Looks like there's been a surge of interest in Japan this past week for Support Country Specific Fiscal Year. The idea was created by Yutaka Sato (a Tableau employee) just last week, and it already received 31 up-votes!



In Other News



Have a great week everyone and happy analyzing!


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