The month of July is zipping by - just a couple more days until August!



Last week, we announced our newest round of Tableau Ambassadors. The Tableau Ambassador Program Is Expanding! | Tableau Software Among the Tableau Community Forums Ambassadors, Pooja Gandhi, Jeff Strauss, and Tom W were included. Congratulations and thank you! We are lucky to have you as members of our Community.


This Thursday, we have a Think Data Thursday with Zen Masters, Shawn Wallwork, Steve Wexler, and Peter Gilks, presenting TDT: Tableau – How Did I Not Know That? - July 30, 2015. Have you ever been using Tableau and someone does something that looks so easy, but you didn't know was possible? If so, you don't want to miss this! You can register here.


Help us get a sense of how you use different BI tools on your mobile devices, etc. by taking a quick survey. To learn more and, please visit this post: Are you using business intelligence tools on mobile devices, embedded BI applications, or analyzing big data?


Looking to answer more questions in the forums? Check out the Crow's Nest and click on the Viz to see people who still need to get responses to their questions.



Most Talked About Thread

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Steve Martin is having some issues with tabcmd in tabcmd print pdf automation problem. This definitely is a sticky issue with a number of variables. Cristian Vasile, Jeff Strauss, and Toby Erkson have been endlessly trying to help Steve find a solution. It seems like Steve's going to the Support team to find a solution. Please share the outcome with us Steve, once you find the answer!


(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

Lindsay O'Keefe was having trouble Displaying a date as mm:ss. Rody Zakovich helped Lindsay and learned a couple things along the way from Jonathan Drummey about having mm:ss as a measure (by changing the formatting). Ultimately, kettan provided Lindsay with a calculation that got Lindsay the results she was looking for!



Top Voted Idea

Shawn Wallwork just created Create a special 'Justified' alignment type. and received 11 up votes (make that 12 - I just up voted it too). Hopefully, it will be incorporated soon!



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