This is a short week for those of use in the US. Friday is a holiday to celebrate the 4th of July, which falls on Saturday this year. So happy fourth to everyone! And hope everyone else has a great week. Here's a glimpse into last week.




The nominations for Zen Masters has opened up. Please nominate someone if you think they are a natural Tableau Master, Teacher and Collaborator. Find more information here: Tableau Zen Masters | Tableau Software.


This is an older (2 months) thread that I stumbled upon from Jonathan Drummey, one of our Zen Masters,  that is worth sharing, as I think he has some useful hints and very valid points to How to Get Help (a story) on the forums, Support or anyone else you may be asking to help.


Check out the Tableau Online Tip of the Week: Change the Default Logo for Tableau Online.


Interested in social media and saw Twitter's recent data announcement, Tableau's Michelle Wallace shared What Twitter's Data Changes Mean for Social Media Marketers | Tableau Software on the Tableau blog.




Alexander Mou had the most correct answers marked this week - 10 in total. Alexander is constantly helping people out, getting their problems solved. Thank you Alexander!



Most Talked About Thread

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Ijaz Ahamed Meeran Abdul Jabbar asked Is there a way we can calculate running total without table calculation? Bora Beran offered a couple of potential solutions using custom SQL and converting a table to SQL. However, it turned out, Ijaz's databases were two different DB's and he was going to need to do some blending. Joey Minix provided a hacky workaround of doing a forecast with a table calc. Ijaz, let us know if any of the solutions worked for you!



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

phuviet.pham posted How to sum distinct Status two weeks ago, but it gained a lot of attention continuing into last week. Rody Zakovich and Simon Runc provided a couple solutions using table calculations and changing how the calculations were run. Matt Lutton suggested using LOD expressions which brought on a whole slew of conversation about how they work, etc. Bora Beran again jumped in and provided some additional context. Phuviet, let us know which response solved your issue by marking it as correct!



Top Voted Idea

Brad Nelson created the idea Request for a graph:  Network graphs in December 2014. It received 13 of it's 25 votes in the last week. Must be an uptick in the need for this idea - certainly Brad would appreciate any additional votes



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