The summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere took place yesterday (Sunday, June 21), making it the longest day of the year. It's a big day, here in the Fremont neighborhood of the Tableau HQ. There's always a big parade with body painted bike riders, floats, and dancers. In the Community, there wasn't quite as much excitement, but always lots of content. Here's a look into what happened last week in the Community -




Did you make it to the TDT: Getting the Most Out of Tableau Server on June 18th, 2015? If not, you can see the recording here: Paul Banoub, Mark Jackson, Jeff Strauss and Toby Erkson all shared some tips and tricks on how Tableau Server is used in their organizations.


Diego medrano also announced the next Think Data Thursday which will be hosted by some Tableau employee experts: TDT: Tableau in the Cloud with Diamonds on July 16th, 2015 at 8am PST. If you've ever been interested in knowing more about Tableau Online - this is your chance to have your questions answered!


Speaking of Tableau Online, Matthew Crissinger shared Tableau Online Tip of the Week: Resolving Reoccurring Redshift Cursor Limit Errors.


Um, wow! From the Tableau blog, Jeffrey Shaffer shared How to Send Text Messages in Tableau + Why You'd Want to | Tableau Software. I've never even thought about Tableau doing something like this!


Don't forget to watch the Talk Data to Me Webinar Series | Tableau Software with Dustin Smith this Thursday, June 25th. The topic? Tableau Calculations: A First Foray.




Two people achieved the "I Know Stuff!!" badge this past week - having 10 of their answers marked as correct. Pietro Luigi Gentini has been a member of the Community since 2012 and recently has become very active answering questions and participating in the Ideas section by voting and leaving comments. Thank you Pietro for all your help!


The other person who received the "I Know Stuff!!" badge is Esther Aller, a Tableau Support employee. Esther only joined Tableau and the Community back in February of this year, but it already making an impact. Thank you for all your help and insight Esther!


As a reminder in regards to our recent point changes, don't forget to "Like" threads and responses to provide feedback on quality content! (Tableau Community Point System Changes).



Most Talked About Thread

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Adam Harrison joined the Community last Friday, asked  Row Date Listing and received an answer the same day. With the help of Pooja Gandhi and Rody Zakovich, a parameter and calculation was created so that the end user could input the date ranges. The result lead to Rody coming up with a solution to add to the The specified item was not found.. Love when that happens.



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

Jonathan Drummey SMMC posted one of his Educational Brain Teaser: One-click sort for a table calculation. It received a good bit of discussion about the level of difficulty - with Jim Wahl including a follow up brain teaser. These are always fun to check out and learn from!



Top Voted Idea

This one is a Tableau Server idea created by John Munoz - Use Administrator account to subscribe users to emails. It received 8 votes last week, giving it a total of 197 up votes. This would definitely be a great feature to have!



In Other News



Have great week and happy analyzing!


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