Happy Monday and happy June everybody! Can you believe we're into the 6th month of the year already? I know I can't. Let's take a look into some of what happened last week -




For all those in Europe, there will be a Virtual User Group meeting. To sign up and watch, check it out and register here: 9.0 Virtual Tableau User Group - EMEA | Tableau Software


As I mentioned last week, the gamification piece of the Community will be changing in the near future (most likely next week). This change will be to promote quality content. Look for a post from me later this week that will outline all of the changes.




Let's welcome Yuriy Fal to the "Question Slayer" club. 50 of his responses have been marked as correct by others, meaning he's helped quite a few of us! Yuriy joined the Community back in 2013 and has been fairly active ever since - responding to questions, and voting and commenting on ideas. Thank you Yuriy for all you do for this Community!


Cyril Belmehdi also received a new badge - "I Know Stuff!" He's had 10 of his responses marked as correct by others. Cyril only joined the Community at the end of 2014, and has been making an impact already. Thank you Cyril!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

I am a big fan of last week's most talked about thread - mostly because it just shows how much this Community cares about getting answers to people. Shawn Wallwork started Crow's Nest Love: Pay It Forward! to enlist people to get at least a response to people. Many of the Tableau Ambassadors, as well as Jeff Strauss, kettan, Ken Patton and Chris McClellan have stepped up to take the challenge


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Crow's Nest, it is a place to go to find unanswered questions. The viz at the top shows questions that haven't gotten a response (note, the viz is only refreshed once a day, so it's not real time, but still a pretty good indication). By hovering over each of the squares, you can see the title of the post and the go to the post if you'd like to try to answer it.


Below the viz are real time questions that may have responses, but they have not been marked as "Correct" or "Assumed Answered." Another reason to mark your answers as correct - so others know you don't need help!



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

This is an old one - The specified item was not found. posted in 2008 by a guest contributor who is no longer a registered member of the Community. However, it is a valid question that comes up from time to time, and the thread still continues. Most recently, Saumil Kapadia asked for some clarification on the calculation James Baker provided, and Shawn Wallwork gave him a step by step explanation.



Top Voted Idea

Last week's top voted idea was created only last week by kettan and received 13 votes already, Parameter Hierarchy. This looks a lot like the way filters work when using a cube data source. I like this idea!



In Other News



Have a great week and happy analyzing!



As always, feel free to send any suggestions, submissions or comments my direction at tfitzgerald@tableau.com.