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Last week we had our biggest turnout for a Think Data Thursday ever - over 240 people! Thank you to Craig Bloodworth, Joshua Milligan, Bora Beran and Bethany Lyons for hosting the TDT: LoD of the Rings - May 21, 2015. It was a great session - I think everyone learned something on the call! If you missed it, you can watch the recording found in the above link.


At the end of last week's TDT, the next one was also announced. Join us June 18th, for TDT: Getting the Most Out of Tableau Server on June 18th, 2015 with Paul Banoub, Toby Erkson, Mark Jackson and Jeff Strauss. Definitely a good one to check out!


Interested in learning "How to Excel Using Tableau"? Check out the Talk Data to Me webinar this Thursday at 10 AM PDT.


This is a heads up that in the near future the gaming/point structure of the Community will be changing. More to come next week.




Two people achieved the "I Know Stuff!" badge (10 responses marked as correct) - Rody Zakovich and Felix Curran. Rody joined the Community at the beginning of the year in January and has helped out quite a bit. He's even contributed to the Tableau Workbook Library and The specified item was not found., adding a document to each!


Felix just joined the Community back in March and has been making a fast impact. He's helped several people already. Thank you Rody and Felix for all your contributions to the Community!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread
Ari Bibas asked Difficult (I guess..) : show total as a mere calculation of above rows where he was having an issue getting the correct total. Shine Pulikathara and Matt Lutton helped Ari with an example workbook. However, the solution wasn't as easy as they originally thought since Ari's workbook was using multiple data sources. Shine was able to provide a solution that used a running sum to get him close to the results.

(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

This was a hot one - posted last Thursday, it already has over 700 views. Divan du Preez wanted to know how to Email .pdf generated report using Lotus Notes. Mark Fraser provided some links that were of some use to Divan.

Top Voted Idea

Pietro Luigi Gentini created localize Tableau in Italian language last Monday and it made it top of the list for most votes this week with 26, giving a total of 30 upvotes. I love the comments below - pictures and Italian replies!

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