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Happy Monday everyone, hope everyone had a great weekend! Here's a look into the Tableau Community world from last week -




If you haven't already signed up, next week is a Think Data Thursday with Joshua Milligan, Craig Bloodworth, and Bora Beran in TDT: LoD of the Rings - May 21, 2015.




There weren't any 10+ correct answer badges given out this week, however, there were a couple of 5+ or "Help Desk" badges achieved last week. Frederick Wu joined the Community less than a month ago and has already had 5 of his responses marked as correct - thanks Frederick and we hope to continue seeing your help!


Rahul Upadhye also achieved this badge, and has been helping a lot of people. He also achieved the "Helping!" badge where 5+ of his responses were marked as helpful, as well. Thank you Rahul!


Finally, Hannah Johnson from Tableau's Support team has also achieved the Help Desk badge. Great job, Hannah!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread.

Last week, Chris Pham asked How do you rank items with have a value and also null?  For example, if I have values 100, 50, null, null -- I want to s… With the help of Tableau's Ben Neville provided Chris with a quick answer. Bora Beran suggested a better calculation to use, and Alexander Mou helped to provide some additional information so that Chris could filter his view as he wanted.



(One of the) Top Viewed Thread

I'm changing this portion of the Digest up a little, as we keep seeing many of the same pages show up to the top - i.e. Grow your own Filled Maps | Tableau Support Community, New Features in Tableau 9+?, and Johan's Ideas Collections | Tableau Support Community.


Last week, Jonathan Marcus's   The Google Maps Embed API must be used in an iframe. was among the highest view thread. Most likely because Chris Sayers posted a potential solution that he found a couple of weeks ago.



Top Voted Idea

Tableau's Nicholas Hara created Easier Editing of Custom Color Palette last Thursday and already has fourteen votes. This is definitely something that I have run into as needing to be easier!



In Other News



Have a great week and happy analyzing!


As always, feel free to send any suggestions, submissions or comments my direction at tfitzgerald@tableau.