What a week last week was - lots going on! Let's take a look -



Last week, we had a Think Data Thursday presentation by Anya A'hearn, Kelly Martin and KK Molugu in TDT: Importance of Visual Aesthetics - How to Entertain, Engage, and Empower your audience - April 23, 2015. If you missed it, it was recorded and is definitely a good one to watch. All three of them have so much talent and while their general approach is very similar, they each have their own tips and tricks that they share. You can find the video in the The specified item was not found. (it's currently the last video on the page).


At the end of the TDT, the next presentation was also announced - TDT: LoD of the Rings - May 21, 2015 with Joshua Milligan, Craig Bloodworth and Bora Beran. You won't want to miss this, especially if you're still trying to figure out all the ins and outs of LoD expressions, like I am!


The Talk Data to Me webinar series are now in full swing. Register for the live webinars or check out the on-demand videos here: Talk Data to Me Webinar Series | Tableau Software.


Interested in testing your load and performance on Tableau Server? While now you can with TabJolt. Have questions or want to learn more, check out Announcing #TabJolt - A Load and Performance Testing Tool For Tableau Server posted by Tableau's Neelesh Kamkolkar.




Two of our Community members received the "I Know Stuff!" badge last week, Ken Patton and ukasz.gierada.0, meaning they have had at least 10 of their responses marked as correct. Ken has been a member of the Community since the beginning of 2012 and has been extremely active the last couple of months - thank you Ken for helping people solve their questions! ukasz.gierada.0 has been a member since July of last year - but has been contributing by helping others and posting solutions to older threads that have solved his issues - thank you ukasz.gierada.0!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

Jared Raymond asked How do I classify groups based on date calculations from converted/parsed dates? Ken Patton has been closely working with Jared to troubleshoot the issue. It appears that the main issue was the way that the data was being read by Tableau - one date was a string, while one was a date. Ultimately, it looks like they got on the same page. Jared, if on of Ken's responses solved the issue, will you mark it as correct?



Top Viewed Thread

Though this isn't THE top viewed thread, it has crept up the ranks and is in the top 4 behind the usual suspects (New Features in Tableau 9+?, Grow your own Filled Maps, and Johan's Ideas Collections). I'm talking about Jonathan Drummey's Educational Brain Teaser: Coloring the Boxes on Box and Whisker Plots. This is a fun one to read to not only see/learn/challenge yourself to a new trick, but also to see how other people rank their difficulty.



Top Voted Idea

Shawn Wallwork created the idea, Maps: Move Copyright label up (Released in 10.0) and rose to the top of last week's top voted idea with 15 votes.




In Other News




That's it for this digest, have a great week and happy analyzing!


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