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This Thursday, we have a Think Data Thursday with KK Molugu, Kelly Martin and Anya A'hearn on TDT: Importance of Visual Aesthetics - How to Entertain, Engage, and Empower your audience - April 23, 2015. I definitely recommend tuning into this one!


You may have noticed a couple of people in the Community who have a new badge that looks like icon32x32.png. These people are part of new program that we are rolling out known as the Tableau Ambassadors for the Community Forums. These people are recognized by Tableau for their exceptional leadership and contributions to the Tableau Community. They represent the spirit what the Tableau Community really is - we are lucky to have such passionate individuals among us. A more formal blog post will come out a little later introducing all of them, but please welcome our first group of Tableau Ambassadors!:





Last week, Sankarmagesh Rajan achieved the "Answer Wizard" badge - meaning 100 of his responses have been marked as Correct! Thank you Sankar, for all of your help answering questions!


Pooja Gandhi received the "Question Slayer" badge for her work in answering 50 questions correctly. Pooja apparently has a yellow Lamborghini mouse that she navigates the community with (check out here comments below the idea here: http://community.tableau.com/ideas/3996) - hope we get a pic soon! Thank you for all your help in the Community, Pooja!



Most Talked about Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

Larsen Rennie asked a question Regarding Data Blending, in which Jonathan Drummey and Pooja Gandhi worked with Larsen to try troubleshooting the issue. There was a little back and forth between the three of them to figure out what exactly the issue was, but eventually, Jonathan was able pinpoint it - the secondary data source having a finer granularity. Looks like Larsen still needs help and may need to go about solving his problem in a different way.



Top Viewed Thread

One of the highest viewed threads last week (not the top viewed - that still belongs to Prashant Sharma's New Features in Tableau 9+? | Tableau Support Community), was Color Legend posted by David Fuentes. Though this was posted and solved two weeks ago with a couple different solutions from Shawn Wallwork, kettan, and Jonathan Drummey, last week the conversation continued. Jonathan's solution ultimately solved the issue using a highlight action filter - which he shared some insight on how they work compared to regular action filters.



Top Voted Idea

Last week's top voted idea was one that was created by Tableau's own Loic Grange, in Multi-Values Parameters. Last week 9 votes were added for a total of 496 up-votes of this feature.



In Other News




Have a great week and until next time, happy analyzing!


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