Happy Monday! All in all this was a fairly busy week - over 1,100 posts (and that was even with a bunch of people out on spring breaks and vacations). Take a look to some of what was going on -




Last week was the release of Tableau's latest version - 9.0. If you haven't already, I would definitely recommend making the upgrade! Check out all the new features here: Tableau 9.0: Smart Meets Fast. And if you're looking for additional resources, Patrick A Van Der Hyde has been keeping track of most of them in Tableau 2018.1 Release Resources.




Last week, we had some big accomplishments. First, Noah Salvaterra achieved the "Answer Wizard" badge. Noah, Zen Master, hit the ground running after a small hiatus from the Community after he had his son. I think we can all agree we're happy to see Noah back and in full swing. Thank you, Noah!


Tableau kumar also received the "Answer Wizard" (or 100 answers marked as correct) this past week. Tableau kumar has been a member of the Community since 2012, and has been super active the last year. Thank you for all of your help in the forums Tableau kumar!


Manoj Ramachandra and Tableau's Bora Beran achieved the "Questions for Breakfast!" badge (25 answers marked correct). They both have been providing a lot of help and insight to people in the Community over the last couple of months - thank you both for your contributions!



Most Talked about Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

David Fuentes posted a question about a Formula that he was having an issue with. Manoj Ramachandra, Shawn Wallwork and Joe Oppelt provided possible reasons about what was wrong with the syntax. Once, David posted the workbook, Amir Shareghi was able to take a closer look and provide a workable solution (the original formula was comparing floats to strings - so a quick switch of fields solved it).



Top Viewed Thread

This week's most viewed thread was started by Larsen Rennie in Regarding Calculated field. This thread is very impressive - and shows the types of conversations/dedication people have in this community. This thread of 53 posts was entirely between Larsen and mahi reddy. Mahi solved Larsen's original question, but when there were follow up questions, Mahi continued working with and answering them.



Top Voted Idea

The idea with the most votes this past week was Simon Morris's ability to connect to Google Spreadsheets as a datasource with 9 votes. This is now in Beta - and thanks to Tamas Foldi, he shares how this is made possible in Google Spreadsheet with Tableau Web Data Connector posted in the The specified item was not found.. Thanks for sharing, Tamas - this is awesome!



In Other News




Have a great rest of you week and until next time, happy analyzing!




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