Happy Monday, Tableau Community! I don't know about you, but last week seemed like a bit of a whirlwind. We kicked off the Tableau Roadshow in Seattle and there is a ton of buzz around the office with the imminent release of 9.0. Take a look into what else was happening...



Last week was Tableau's first ever Virtual TUG (Tableau User Group), and what a turnout it was! There were over 8,000 people from all over the world who joined. If you missed it, you can watch the recording here: Tableau 9.0 - Virtual User Group on Livestream




There were quite a few badge achievements last week! Mark Fraser and Simon Runc, both recent Community members who joined in November, received the "Question Slayer" badge (50 of their responses have been marked as correct)! They both seem to be on a rampage to help people out - thank you both!


The specified item was not found. and Tableau's, Diego medrano, have received the "Questions for Breakfast!" badge, 25 correct answers. Alexander has taken to blogging some of his helpful hints - check out, Vizible Difference if you never have. And Diego is constantly working to keep Crow's Nest low - thanks to both of you for all your contributions!



Most Talked about Thread

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Annie Landry posted a question I have problem with a row that contains Yes. The issue at hand is that the calculation should be returning two variables (yes and no), but based on a number of issues, the desired result is not being produced. With the help of Simon Runc, Annie is getting closer. Looks like they might even be jumping on a call together later this week! Annie, please let us know what the solution is once you find it!



Top Viewed Thread

James Golden was running into an issue, so he reached out to the community to try finding a solution in Has anyone encountered server unexpected error: Tried to register widget with ID - already registered? Manoj Ramachandra posted a response that he had received from the Tableau Support team after he had opened a case with them. James, let us know if Manoj's solution resolved the issue for you by marking it as correct so that other people can reap the benefits if it helped!



Top Voted Idea

For the third week in a row, Dawn Mcdonald's idea I want to create subscriptions for others is the top voted idea with 12 votes this week. As John Munoz pointed out, this idea can be combined with Use Administrator account to subscribe users to emails. I'll be "combining" so go ahead and vote for either or both before to get the maximum votes



In Other News



Have a fabulous week and until next time, happy analyzing! As always, send any suggestions or submissions for this digest my direct at tfitzgerald@tableau.com.