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Let's March right on with the year (lame joke, I know). Let's take a look at our activity from the last week of February--




Quick Fix Article News is back! For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, the Tableau Support and Documentation teams are creating articles on a weekly basis that have helped solve other Support cases. Rebecca Szper used to post these each week when she was on the team managing all the articles, however, she has since switched roles, so there was a lull. But no fear! Brent Flyberg has taken this on and each week will post any new articles that are published on the Tableau KB. Check out his first post - Recently Published Quick Fix Articles Are Back


Emily Kund has created an event known as Women's Empowerment Viz (WEViz). It uses Tableau to help educate people about women empowerment issues. Definitely worth checking out!




Americo Guazzelli earned the "I Know Stuff!" badge - answering ten questions correctly. Thanks Americo for your help! We see this every once in a while at Tableau, but I always love seeing a resume being created with Tableau:!/vizhome/AmericoGuazzelli-Resume/Resume



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

Last week's thread, Aggregating over an aggregate, was posted by Hamish Wilson (a brand new member to the Community- welcome!). Joe Oppelt worked with Hamish and introduced him to some of the complexities of using table calculations However, the solution to this thread was more complicated than just using window_sum/max/count, and Joe called for some reinforcements from Jonathan Drummey who gave a detailed explanation of how this scenario was not as straightforward as it originally looked, and provided a potential solution. Hamish, let us know if you found the last post by Jonathan as helpful and/or how you solved your issue if possible!



Top Viewed Thread

Back in 2011, Shane Steward asked for help with Comparing 2 different periods on same data. Joe Mako provided a solution, but since then, the thread has been revived every so often with more questions. The thread continues to carry solutions for people. Most recently, George Gorczynski has asked how this can related to fiscal years. George, maybe you can add a packaged workbook so hopefully somebody would be able to take a look at how your view/data is set up.



Top Voted Idea

Last week's most voted on idea is a Tableau Server related feature created by @Dawn Mcdonald in I want to create subscriptions for others   [DUPLICATE]. 13 votes this week, for a total of 68.



In Other News


Have a great week and until next week - happy analyzing!


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