And it's Tuesday! Yesterday was President's day in the US, which meant we got a three day weekend here at Tableau - always a good way to start off the week




A couple of things to announce for this week and in general.


First off, we're sad to announce that Jordan Bunker will be leaving Tableau. For those of you who don't know Jordan, he's been the man behind much of the data for the Community and Support team. He greatly improved the Crow's Nest viz and has helped several people on these forums. We wish you all the best in your next adventures Jordan, and you'll be missed!


Second, there will be a Think Data Thursday event this Thursday at 8 am PST with Tableau's Michael Chen - be sure to sign up here, if you haven't already: TDT: Raiders of the Lost Postgres - February 19, 2015


Finally, if you've never checked out the Workbook & Calculation Library, I would highly recommend it. Zen Master, Mark Jackson and Joshua Milligan, often post workbooks here. You might also start noticing more workbooks being added by some Tableau Support members - who are sharing scenarios that others often report to the team (ex: Asher Campbell shared Arc Chart Demo).



Here's some of what was happening last week --



We had quite a few people "unlock" some Correct Answer badges this past week. Toby Erkson received the Question Slayer (50 marked correct) - and if I had to guess most of them have been marked recently in the Server Admin space. Thank you Toby for all you do for the Community.


Sankarmagesh Rajan had 25 of his responses marked as correct, thus receiving the Questions for Breakfast! badge. Sankar has only been a member since August, we appreciate all your help, and are glad to see you as a part of the Community.


Jeff James and Tableau's Matt Coles have joined the Club 10 - achieving the I Know Stuff! Thank you both!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

This week's thread was related to Tableau Public Premium, Chris Jokel asked Any way to enable export to PDF/image without enabling the download of workbook and data? james.n worked with Chris, troubleshooting various things using Tableau Server (realizing that they're very similar, but not the same). Ultimately, it looks like a feature request or an Ideas will need to be created.



Top Viewed Thread

Last week's top viewed thread was a bit of a revival thread - it was started by Alexandre DAVID in 2013 - How to count distinct users on a running period. However, Nicholas Blankevoort found it in a search and continued the conversation by sharing a solution he found. Noah Salvaterra and Jonathan Drummey prod a little further to provide more detail. Ultimately, Yuri Fal came up with a solution using Level of Detail calculations in Tableau 9.0.



Top Voted Idea

The top voted idea last week was also one that was created last week by Keith Helfrich - Granularity Explore. This idea is to provide people using Tableau the ability to better understand your data and the calculations/views that are being computed, thus making it easier to help get the visualization one might want.



In Other News


Have a great rest of your week - and until next week, happy analyzing!


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