Happy Monday! This past week you may have noticed the Community URL changed - it's no longer community.tableausoftware.com, it is now community.tableau.com. It was a relatively smooth transition - if you do run into anything that seems out of the ordinary, let me know!




Two more people have received the 25 correct answers badge - "Questions for Breakfast!" - both Chris McClellan and Tableau kumar. have been quickly climbing the ranks and helping people all along the way. Thank you for your time and contributions to helping people in this community!


Thought this might be a good place to share this as well, Tableau employee badges have recently been added - so you may see the Tableau Employee or Tableau sparkle on people's profiles indicating their with Tableau.



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

This week we have a three way tie for the most talked about threads. Tab selector was posted by Shriyanka Shetty who wants to be able to basically use actions as a way to navigate to other worksheets. Joe Oppelt provided a couple of samples for how to do this with the information provided and even "hacked" together some of the data to get hopefully, the desired outcome.


Daniel Fox asked for Help with creating a 'Calculated Field'. mahi reddy provided a starting point on the basics of writing a calculation. Mark Fraser, then, provided a little more context and asked more questions to get to the root of the problem. Tableau kumar suggested data reshaping and then, ultimately, came back with a solution with detailed steps on how he accomplished it (Daniel, if Laxman's solution solved your issue - let us know and mark it correct ).


Rahul Sahil posted Need to hide index column. He had 17 columns in his data that he wanted to show, Tableau limits the number of columns to 16. So what to do? Well, Ville Tyrväinen provided a workaround of creating a calculated field which looks like it solved the issue. KK Molugu provided another **unsupported** solution of updating the XML in the twb file.



Top Viewed Thread

Second to Prashant Sharma's New Features in Tableau 9+? thread, is a thread back from 2013 in regards to Subscription Issue in Tableau Server 8.1. Always interesting seeing which threads get the most views - subscriptions are always a hot topic when it comes to Server.


Top Voted Idea

The top voted idea is once again Dynamic parameters (21 votes this week). This blog post was posted last week so that the Dev team can continue to get feedback regarding the idea and hopefully make some part of the idea come to fruition soon: A Top Idea & Request for Feedback — Dynamic Parameters | Tableau Software


Behind Dynamic parameters, Totals and subtotals over displayed marks instead of separate calc (aka make subtotals work like Excel) posted by Jonathan Drummey (who has been updating the idea with new releases showing what needs to be done).



In Other News


Have a great rest of your week! Next Monday is a US holiday (President's Day) and so this digest will be posted on Tuesday. Until then, happy analyzing!


As always, feel free to send any suggestions or submissions to me at tfitzgerald@tableau.com