Can you believe we're more than halfway through January already?! This year is going to fly by. This month has already proven to be a successful one for the Community - check out this past week's activity here:




This week we have two people to welcome and thank for their contributions to the Community - Bill Lyons and Chris McClellan both received the "I Know Stuff!" badge (aka 10 of their answers were marked as correct). Thank you both - you're both very valuable members of the Community.



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

This week's thread was Sujith Kumar Subbiah's post, Tickets Open and Closed, where he worked closely with Tom W who explained joining his tables with a left join would make it easier to get the desired outcome. Hopefully, Tom's calculation suggestion resolved the issue for Sujith.



Most Viewed Thread

This week the Tableau 9.0 Beta was released, so it's not too surprising that the most viewed thread was New Features in Tableau 9+? by Prashant Sharma. Prashant and kettan reference some other great resources for using Tableau 9 that I'd definitely encourage you to check out!



Top Voted Idea

Behind Dynamic Parameters this week, Make published dashboards look exactly like desktop dashboards created by Stephen Wagner was the most voted on idea this week  with 14 votes. Pretty good, considering it was only created the week before. I would encourage users who run into this to submit this issue to our Support team.



In Other News


Hope everyone has a great week and until next time, Happy Analyzing!


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