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We have a new person who has attained the Answer Wizard badge (aka 100 replies marked as correct), Michel Caissie! In addition, Michel recently climbed the leaderboard and is now number 20. Thank you for all of your contributions Michel!


Simon Runc received the "Questions for Breakfast" badge (25 correct answers) on January 9 - pretty quick for having only joined the Community back in November.


Two members joined the 10 correct answers (I Know Stuff!! badge) club - Tyler Blakeley and Tableau's own Dan Sanchez - thank you both!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the numbers of responses in a thread

This week's thread was Patricio Panichelli's post about Two time series, one time axis. He provided a detailed description and workbook which prompted KK Molugu, kettan, ankit.narula and Jonathan Drummey to participate. After a few suggestions got him close, an explanation from Jonathan ultimately helped provide the "keys" to unlock the start of the "Tableau mental model."



Most Viewed Thread

This week's most viewed thread is the same as the most talked about - so the second most viewed thread is one posted by Chris McClellan in Data-based text message in dashboard. Chris wants to show specific text if there is null data - in which Tableau's Daniel Ong provides a calculation, as well as a formatting trick (Abhilash Ramanathan provides a workbook showing how it is done). However, it looks like Chris is still having a little trouble - hopefully, my recent post solved the issue!



Top Voted Idea

Behind Dynamic parameters (which had 12 votes this week), Multi-Values Parameters submitted by Loïc Grange received 10 votes this week. Third place this week, with 9 votes, was Alex Kerin's Automatic animation of page on Public/Server.



In Other News



Hope everyone has a great week and as always feel free to send me any suggestions or submissions for this digest at


Happy Analyzing!