This is the last week of the year, I can't believe it! Next week, I'll be creating a recap of the entire year in the Community, but here is some of what was happening this past week -




This week, we welcome someone who probably has way more than just 100 Correct Answers marked as correct, but since we added the badge, has recently joined - Zen Master, Jonathan Drummey, now has the "Answer Wizard" badge! Thank you, thank you Jonathan on behalf of all the people you have helped!


In addition, we two people have received the "I Know Stuff!" badge (10 answers marked as correct) - Darin Coulter and one of Tableau's own - Zach Pipkin. Thank you both for all your contributions, and we continue to see more of you in the Community!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses to a thread

Lionel Yu asked Is it possible to use the Rows as the dimensions/measures instead of the Columns from the data source? He's referring to getting the data in Excel to show up with the columns and rows swapped. Bill Lyons and Syed Khadir Ahmed provided a couple of solutions (using the Swap button or a calculated field). Although, it looks like some SQL that Tom W provided may have solved the issue.



Most Viewed Thread

The most viewed thread of the week is related to Tableau Public. Whenever Rahul Agarwal publishes a specific view White Spaces on dashboard in front of sheets appear on his dashboard. Joe Oppelt tried to recreate it in Tableau Server, but it seems to only happen on Public. Rahul, I'll send this thread to our Public team to see if they can help out.



Top Voted Idea

This is a first - Dynamic Parameters isn't the most voted idea this week! Instead, 16+ Dimensions in crosstab AND a free scroll bar by John Munoz had the most votes this week.



In Other News




Have a happy new year everyone! Be safe and until next week - Happy Analyzing!


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