I hope everyone had a great weekend! Here's what was happening last week in the Tableau Community:




Last week there were a few milestones broken. Grayson Deal achieved the "Question Slayer" badge - having 50 of his responses marked as correct! Thank you Grayson for ALL of your contributions!


Steve Martin and Rishabh Dhingra received the "I know stuff!" badge, by having 10 of their responses marked as correct. We all appreciate all the help you've been supplying to the Community



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses to a thread

Last week's post was asked by lalitha p in How to display group of values in a single row. kettan has provided lalitha some examples using Jonathan Drummey's and Alex Kerin's workbooks, however, it looks like the requirements still have not been met. Lalitha, if you can provide a packaged workbook someone should be able to help you further!



Most Viewed Thread

The last two weeks have had the same thread be the most viewed - New Features in Tableau 9+? However, the second most viewed thread (most likely because of the thread mentioned below) is Joe Oppelt and Matt Lutton's thread We made a video of Sheet Swapping and Legend/Filter Popping on a dashboard.



Most Liked Content

kettan compiled Video Resources for Learning Tableau - if you haven't seen any of these resources, I highly recommend them as a source for really understanding Tableau - what and why it's doing what it does. There are videos from Jonathan Drummey, Joe Mako, Matt Lutton, Joe Oppelt and others that shouldn't be missed!



Top Voted Idea

The idea with the most votes last week (with 8) was one created back in 2012 by Bob Skaggs related to formatting a dashboard - Sizing guides (ruler, gridlines) on dashboard. I personally would love this one!


In Other News



Have a great week and a happy holiday season! As always, feel free to share any feedback, submissions or suggestions regarding this digest at tfitzgerald@tableausoftware.com.


Happy Analyzing!