Happy Monday! This is a couple of days late because of the US Thanksgiving holiday (hope everyone had a good one!). Things slowed down a little bit in the Community, but there always seems to be activity - no matter what time of year or day.




Quite a few people hit the 10 Answers marked correct (aka the "I Know Stuff!" badge), including Venkat Madan Simon Runc, Mark Fraser and brad.earle.1 - thank you for all your contributions!



Most Talked About Thread

**Characterized by the number of responses.


Ashish Verma asked about Date functions in Tableau. Simon Runc, Joe Oppelt and Pooja Gandhi all provided some possible solutions - ultimately, it looks like Simon and Ashish were able to work together to find the solution (Ashish, can you mark the one that solved the problem as correct?)



Top Viewed Thread


Parv Chana had a Quick calculation question where his main concern was presenting the data to his executives on a dashboard. Shawn Wallwork asked him a question to get him thinking about how the issue is handled elsewhere, while Ville Tyrväinen confirmed one of the three potential solutions that Jonathan Drummey provided.



Top Voted Idea


This week's top voted idea is one from Shawn Wallwork that he created a while back Rework Tool Tips & Command Buttons Selection. I have a feeling it could potentially be a result of Andy Peters post: Customizing (or removing) tooltips on reference lines



In Other News



Hope everyone has a good rest of the week! Any suggestions or submissions for this digest can be sent my way at tfitzgerald@tableausoftware.com.


Happy Analyzing!