A lot was happening in the Community this week, but what else is new?! (Although, I suspect next week might be a little quieter since it's the US Thanksgiving.) Take a look into some of the activity that was happening below --



This Week's Events

Bethany Lyons presented a Think Data Thursday session talking about sets - and man! She brought up a ton of use cases. Thanks for sharing with us Bethany! If you missed it, don't worry, we recorded it and you can find it here: Think Data Thursday - November 20 - Let's talk about Sets Baby!


Did you know that Tableau is constantly adding new articles to the Tableau Knowledge Base? Each week, Rebecca Szper writes up a blog announcing new articles. Check them out here: Quick Fix Article News


You may have noticed a new icon on the front page of the Community this week. That's right, we now have a Server Administration community! Here, Tableau Server Admins can connect, see resources and chat about anything Tableau Server.





Tom W achieved the Answer Wizard challenge by having more than 100 of his answers marked as correct by others! Thanks Tom for all your help in the forums!


KK Molugu hit the 50 Correct Answers milestone this week, now a Question Slayer- great job, KK!


Pooja Gandhi and Tableau kumar are also climbing the ranks, and received the I Know Stuff! badge by having 10 of their responses marked correct.



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses


sriaknt ivaitu needed to know i want to add description to measure names how to do it. There was a little bit of back and forth with Raghavendra M and Rishabh Dhingra about the desired outcome, but eventually kettan was able to provide a workable solution and provide some ideas worth voting up!



Top Viewed Thread

Bouzid A asked a question about getting his filter to work across multiple data sources in DB. I remember struggling with this concept when I first started. Joe Oppelt provided the solution of using a parameter to filter all sheets, though this didn't solve the issue for Lucciano since he needed the user to have the ability to make multiple solutions. Eventually Simon Runc was able to provide the solution of joining the tables, since all the Excel sheets were in the same Excel workbook.



Top Voted Idea

Again, Dynamic parameters got the most votes this week (20, in the last 7 days). However, the second most voted idea of the week is Tableau in Turkish (14 votes the last 7 days) - Tableau is really growing internationally!



In Other News



Have a happy Friday and a good weekend all! As always, feel free to send suggestions or submissions for this digest my direction at tfitzgerald@tableausoftware.com