Happy Friday all! Hope it was a good week - the Community was active as always - take a look into a brief synopsis:


Upcoming Events:


We've got a Think Data Thursday event next week (November 20 at 8:00 am PST) - "Let's talk about sets, baby!" with one of our Product Consultants, Bethany Lyons. Be sure to register here: Think Data Thursday - Let's talk about sets, baby! | Tableau Software, and if you want to check out conversations around the event or see past events, check out the Think Data Thursday group.


Recognition & Resources:


If I had to choose three words to describe kettan's contribution to this community - I would have to say organized, insightful, and extremely invaluable. From categorizing ideas (Johan's Ideas Collections) to keeping track of who achieves what (The specified item was not found.), Johan now has a new series he's been sharing with the Community - his FAQ's. Check them out here:


Thank you Johan!



Most Talked about Thread:

**This is characterized by number of responses


This week's most talked about thread was actually a Server question! Erin Gehn asked if  Administrator able to view all subscriptions? She got some great answers from Grayson Deal, Toby Erkson and Matt Lutton who shared their experiences. And she even got James Baker to comment on all the feedback!


Top Viewed Thread of the Week:


Well the top viewed thread this week is the same as last week's (Color Coding by column instead of the entire row). So instead, I'll provide the next most viewed - which is an epic thread posted by Alexandre DAVID back in 2013 - How to count distinct users on a running period. There's no wonder that it got a lot of views, when it had many of our Zen Masters (Joshua Milligan, Jonathan Drummey, Richard Leeke, Shawn Wallwork, Joe Mako, Matt Lutton and Noah Salvaterra) participating, as well as one of our Tableau's table calculation gurus, Ross Bunker chiming in. Though this thread is Pre-Version 8, there is still some relevant and useful content.


Top Voted Idea of the Week:


No surprise Dynamic parameters  [RELEASED | 2020.1] got the most votes this week (17 in the 7 days). However, “Web Data Connector” for Tableau Public (Released in 9.1) submitted by Steve Fenn got the second most votes this week with 11 out of the total 14 - not bad considering, the idea was just created last week!


In Other News:



As always, if you have any feedback or would like to submit anything for this weekly digest - drop me a line at tfitzgerald@tableausoftware.com.


Happy Analyzing!