Happy November and happy Friday here's a peak into this week's community activity--




Congratulations to Grayson Deal who has had 25 of his answers marked correct (aka the "Questions for Breakfast!" badge). No small feat when you've only been participating in the Tableau Community since AUGUST! Thanks for all your contributions!


The Crow's Nest has been having some massive activity - and the last 5 weeks have been completely cleared out. Thanks to everyone who has been working out of it and getting at least some response to everyone who has asked a question in that time! And thanks to Shawn Wallwork who has continued advocating for this We're Killin' It on Crow's Nest!


Most Talked About Thread

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Andy Piper asked a question regarding Tooltip sensitivity level - can it be modified? Tom W and Shawn Wallwork provided a couple potential solutions, but looks like it may need to be something that is investigated from the Tableau side. Maybe Dan Huff can take a look?


Top Viewed Thread

This is an oldie, but one that's been getting a lot of views lately. Back in 2012, Murali Vasudevan asked a question on Color Coding by column instead of the entire row. As a result Jonathan Drummey created his epic formatting workbook, which has recently been updated and can be found here: http://public.tableausoftware.com/profile/jonathan.drummey#!/vizhome/conditionalformattingv4/Introduction It's still helping people, as both Christine Harling and Wendy Foslien found out earlier this year.


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Until next week, have a great weekend! As always, if you have any suggestions or submissions for this weekly digest, feel free to send it my way at tfitzgerald@tableausoftware.com