Happy Friday and Happy Halloween! Can you believe October is pretty much over? - it's SCARY! Here's a quick peak into what was going on in the Community this week.



My apologies for not including him last week - Joe Oppelt received the Question Slayer badge which means 50+ of the questions he answered were marked as correct by someone else - thanks for all your contributions Joe! Pretty amazing considering you joined the Community back in February.


Patrick Van Der Hyde also received this badge this week - great job Patrick!


Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses


Iryna Schcur asked a question about the difference between a twb and twbx file, and data extracts in general. There was some great discussion from Justin Emerick, Matt Lutton and Shawn Wallwork, but Jonathan Drummey came in with an extensive explanation. This is something I definitely had trouble with when I first started. So if you've ever had questions surrounding data extracts, this would be one to keep track of!


Top Viewed Thread of the Week

Alexis Jasinski asked a question regarding putting all her sheets on one dashboard that make to make it look like a grid in Create cross lines in my dashboard to distinguish each graph. Joe Oppelt provided a solution using floating objects on the dashboard, while Shawn Wallwork also played around with the design and even provided some Viz advice to make the most of the dashboard.


Most Liked (and Possibly the Longest Response Provided? )

Prashanth Sundaravadivelu asked a question two weeks ago regarding Common Baseline, Different Range of Dates, Calculating Average. Shawn Wallwork picked it up and started asking questions to get to root of the issue - then, Jonathan Drummey came in with probably the most detailed and longest posts we've seen in this Community solving Prashanth's problem! Prashanth was beyond thankful and Mark Jackson provided an additional way of getting the solution.


In Other News


Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone! Per usual, any suggestions, ideas or submissions for this Weekly Digest are always welcome - please send them my way at community@tableausoftware.com