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Happy Friday!! I was out most of this week for a conference, but not surprisingly there was still lots going on in the Community this week. Here's a little peak:



Ville Tyrväinen received the 50 Correct Answers badge (and thank you to Shawn Wallwork for giving him a shoutout Hey Ville....). Thank you Ville - you really have provided so much value to this community by providing thoughtful responses and giving your time to help others.


kettan's contribution Johan's Ideas Collections has now surpassed the number of views that of Richard Leeke's Grow your own Filled Maps, but they are neck and neck. Johan's thread currently has 47,967 views and Richard's has 47,944. If you haven't seen either of these posts, you've got to check them out! They're both epic in their own ways and clearly others have seen the value in them as well.


Thanks to Shawn Wallwork who has continued to push for the Crow's Nest challenge Crow's Nest Only 5 to Go... Looks like it'll be 3 weeks in a row where the community has worked together to clear it out. Thanks Jonathan Drummey, Joshua Milligan and Joe Oppelt for clearing out the last ones.

Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses

Daniel Dunleavy asked a question about finding an  Average Revenue per Unit. It only took a little bit of back and forth with Joe Oppelt to get just the value he was looking for. By writing a calculation that excludes certain values - Joe was able to provide a solution for a new user to the Community!


Top Viewed Thread of the Week

ram u asked a question about Sorting Dates in Quickfilters. This seems like it should be fairly easy to do within Tableau, however, sometimes it's not as straightforward as one might think. Ville Tyrväinen provides an excellent solution using screenshots to give ram step by step instructions to solve the question.


In Other News



  • Isn't it great when you think you can't figure out the solution to a simple question - and it turns out it's because it might not be such a simple question after all? @Al_Reynolds had that happen with how to do a simple SUM DISTINCT in tableau? and Zach Pipkin provided him with a couple of solutions that were able to solve the issue for Al.




Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! And of course, if you have any suggestions, ideas or submissions for this Weekly Digest, feel free to email me