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Halfway through October already! Each week seems to go by faster and faster, especially when there's so much going on around here. Check out some of the happenings in the Community this week below--


This Week's Events:

KK Molugu presented his VizasArt creations in a Think Data Thursday yesterday morning. If you missed it, you can get the slides and watch the video here: Think Data Thursday - October 16 - Becoming a Data Artist


Most Talked about Thread:

Vladimir Kostochka asked another question this week that generated lots of discussion Cross-table several variables. With a good back and forth discussion between him and Matt Lutton, the two were able to find a solution. Then, Michel Caissie chimed in with another idea of getting the desired outcome using Measure Names. (Btw, Michel - I love the avatar, very appropriate for fall )


Top Viewed Thread of the Week:

Well the top viewed thread of the week was actually the most talked about thread last week (String variable), so I'll mention the second most viewed thread this week: Dynamic Exclude Problem by Thomas White where he got a pretty quick answer from Shawn Wallwork because a packaged workbook was attached. Ultimately, Jonathan Drummey supplied the solution of changing the dimension to an attribute keeping the granularity of the view intact.


Trending Topic of the Week:

There seem to be quite a few questions surrounding survey data the last two weeks, including the Most Talked about Thread and:


Speaking of Survey Data, did you know there's a space in the Community to talk see any survey data discussions going on? Check out Survey Data - you can also find it on the Tableau User Groups page under Interest Groups on the side nav.


Not (Directly) Tableau Related:

Who said this community was to only talk about how to use Tableau? Shawn Wallwork shows how much he loves answering questions in the forums and working with Tableau - then, he challenges us all to evaluate our purpose in life What's your purpose?


Matt Lutton is calling the Tableau Community to come together for a good cause Movember - Calling all Tableau Bros & Sistas - and I'm hoping to see some epic mustaches in people's avatar pics come November! Thank you to Matt Francis and Emily Kund for getting this started!


In Other News:


  • Phil Roberts was able to find an answer to an issue he was having by searching and finding a well asked question by David Phillips with a thoughtful answer from Jonathan Drummey. Thanks Phil for giving out recognition and glad the Community helped solve your issue!






Have a great weekend! And of course, if you have any idea, suggestions or submissions for this Digest - please let me know by emailing