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Tracy Rodgers

Community Digest - 10/31

Posted by Tracy Rodgers Employee Oct 31, 2014

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween! Can you believe October is pretty much over? - it's SCARY! Here's a quick peak into what was going on in the Community this week.



My apologies for not including him last week - Joe Oppelt received the Question Slayer badge which means 50+ of the questions he answered were marked as correct by someone else - thanks for all your contributions Joe! Pretty amazing considering you joined the Community back in February.


Patrick Van Der Hyde also received this badge this week - great job Patrick!


Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses


Iryna Schcur asked a question about the difference between a twb and twbx file, and data extracts in general. There was some great discussion from Justin Emerick, Matt Lutton and Shawn Wallwork, but Jonathan Drummey came in with an extensive explanation. This is something I definitely had trouble with when I first started. So if you've ever had questions surrounding data extracts, this would be one to keep track of!


Top Viewed Thread of the Week

Alexis Jasinski asked a question regarding putting all her sheets on one dashboard that make to make it look like a grid in Create cross lines in my dashboard to distinguish each graph. Joe Oppelt provided a solution using floating objects on the dashboard, while Shawn Wallwork also played around with the design and even provided some Viz advice to make the most of the dashboard.


Most Liked (and Possibly the Longest Response Provided? )

Prashanth Sundaravadivelu asked a question two weeks ago regarding Common Baseline, Different Range of Dates, Calculating Average. Shawn Wallwork picked it up and started asking questions to get to root of the issue - then, Jonathan Drummey came in with probably the most detailed and longest posts we've seen in this Community solving Prashanth's problem! Prashanth was beyond thankful and Mark Jackson provided an additional way of getting the solution.


In Other News


Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone! Per usual, any suggestions, ideas or submissions for this Weekly Digest are always welcome - please send them my way at

Happy Friday!! I was out most of this week for a conference, but not surprisingly there was still lots going on in the Community this week. Here's a little peak:



Ville Tyrväinen received the 50 Correct Answers badge (and thank you to Shawn Wallwork for giving him a shoutout Hey Ville....). Thank you Ville - you really have provided so much value to this community by providing thoughtful responses and giving your time to help others.


kettan's contribution Johan's Ideas Collections has now surpassed the number of views that of Richard Leeke's Grow your own Filled Maps, but they are neck and neck. Johan's thread currently has 47,967 views and Richard's has 47,944. If you haven't seen either of these posts, you've got to check them out! They're both epic in their own ways and clearly others have seen the value in them as well.


Thanks to Shawn Wallwork who has continued to push for the Crow's Nest challenge Crow's Nest Only 5 to Go... Looks like it'll be 3 weeks in a row where the community has worked together to clear it out. Thanks Jonathan Drummey, Joshua Milligan and Joe Oppelt for clearing out the last ones.

Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses

Daniel Dunleavy asked a question about finding an  Average Revenue per Unit. It only took a little bit of back and forth with Joe Oppelt to get just the value he was looking for. By writing a calculation that excludes certain values - Joe was able to provide a solution for a new user to the Community!


Top Viewed Thread of the Week

ram u asked a question about Sorting Dates in Quickfilters. This seems like it should be fairly easy to do within Tableau, however, sometimes it's not as straightforward as one might think. Ville Tyrväinen provides an excellent solution using screenshots to give ram step by step instructions to solve the question.


In Other News



  • Isn't it great when you think you can't figure out the solution to a simple question - and it turns out it's because it might not be such a simple question after all? @Al_Reynolds had that happen with how to do a simple SUM DISTINCT in tableau? and Zach Pipkin provided him with a couple of solutions that were able to solve the issue for Al.




Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! And of course, if you have any suggestions, ideas or submissions for this Weekly Digest, feel free to email me

Halfway through October already! Each week seems to go by faster and faster, especially when there's so much going on around here. Check out some of the happenings in the Community this week below--


This Week's Events:

KK Molugu presented his VizasArt creations in a Think Data Thursday yesterday morning. If you missed it, you can get the slides and watch the video here: Think Data Thursday - October 16 - Becoming a Data Artist


Most Talked about Thread:

Vladimir Kostochka asked another question this week that generated lots of discussion Cross-table several variables. With a good back and forth discussion between him and Matt Lutton, the two were able to find a solution. Then, Michel Caissie chimed in with another idea of getting the desired outcome using Measure Names. (Btw, Michel - I love the avatar, very appropriate for fall )


Top Viewed Thread of the Week:

Well the top viewed thread of the week was actually the most talked about thread last week (String variable), so I'll mention the second most viewed thread this week: Dynamic Exclude Problem by Thomas White where he got a pretty quick answer from Shawn Wallwork because a packaged workbook was attached. Ultimately, Jonathan Drummey supplied the solution of changing the dimension to an attribute keeping the granularity of the view intact.


Trending Topic of the Week:

There seem to be quite a few questions surrounding survey data the last two weeks, including the Most Talked about Thread and:


Speaking of Survey Data, did you know there's a space in the Community to talk see any survey data discussions going on? Check out Survey Data - you can also find it on the Tableau User Groups page under Interest Groups on the side nav.


Not (Directly) Tableau Related:

Who said this community was to only talk about how to use Tableau? Shawn Wallwork shows how much he loves answering questions in the forums and working with Tableau - then, he challenges us all to evaluate our purpose in life What's your purpose?


Matt Lutton is calling the Tableau Community to come together for a good cause Movember - Calling all Tableau Bros & Sistas - and I'm hoping to see some epic mustaches in people's avatar pics come November! Thank you to Matt Francis and Emily Kund for getting this started!


In Other News:


  • Phil Roberts was able to find an answer to an issue he was having by searching and finding a well asked question by David Phillips with a thoughtful answer from Jonathan Drummey. Thanks Phil for giving out recognition and glad the Community helped solve your issue!






Have a great weekend! And of course, if you have any idea, suggestions or submissions for this Digest - please let me know by emailing

Last week we had a successful week with the Crow's Nest Challenge - we got down to zero! Congrats and thank you to everyone who participated!


Below is some of what was going on this week.

Upcoming Events:

Don't forget to sign up for next week's TDT with KK Molugu, presenting his winning #VizAsArt submission and giving more insights on how he uses Tableau to make data look beautiful. Register here. Interested in seeing past TDT's, check out the group Think Data Thursday.


Most Talked about Thread:

Vladimir Kostochka asked a question about how to create a dashboard that allows the user to switch the view, but by showing all the possible options at once (i.e. a parameter would not work). Justin Emerick, Joe Oppelt, Matt Lutton and Ville Tyrväinen all provided possible solutions and continued working with Vladimir to not only get his dashboard to work the way he wanted, but look the way he wanted as well!


Top Viewed Thread of the Week:

John Munoz asked a Tableau Server question  How do I suppress top toolbar and show the bottom one in an embedded view? Dan Rullo provided some useful context and even found a possible case sensitive embed code parameter issue.


Revival Thread of the Week:

Ryan Eckhoff searched before posting and found a thread that contained his answer - though he needed just a little more help. Re: How to create a goal meter. By responding to Jim Wahl, the two worked together to get closer to what Ryan was looking for and get some insight on some visual practices.


In Other News:




  • Joins v. Blends - Suhrid Ghosh had a question about his data structure and getting the results that he wanted. Aaron Clancy helped him write some CustomSQL while the conversation continued to make the distinction between joining and blending.



Until next week - have a great weekend!


And as always, if you have any suggestions or submissions to be included in next week's digest - drop the Community team an @ mention or email (

This is the revival of Shawn Wallwork's Weekly Forums Digest that he had started over a year ago. These digests were extremely useful to the Community, but it takes a lot of time - especially when working in the Tableau Community is not a part of your day job. And so I've decided that I will pick up the reigns and keep it going!



Community Initiative this Week:

The Crow's Nest Challenge took place this week and what an initiative it was! For those of you who are not familiar with the Crow's Nest, it is a central place where we can see which questions in the forums have not been responded to - and allows Community members who frequent the Community to start helping people right off the bat.


Several people (myself included) have tried to get the Crow's Nest to have no posts without a response in week, however, this is no easy feat. With inspiration from Shawn Wallwork, he lead the charge for making this a community wide challenge: Are You Up For The Crow's Nest Challenge?


And wow! What progress, we've made especially compared to the last couple of weeks. Our top 10 contributors (the last 4 listed tied for 10th) this far have been: Shawn Wallwork, Diego medrano (Tableau's new Community Global Support Engineer), kettan, Prashant Sharma, Joe Oppelt, Jonathan Drummey, Russell Christopher, Patrick Van Der Hyde, allan.walker.0, Justin Emerick and Tom W.


Thank you to everyone who has participated!


Events this Week:

Joshua Milligan presented at a Think Data Thursday yesterday, giving insight on how he comes up with ideas on how to create Tableau workbooks that aren't the usual ways people use Tableau, some nifty tricks on formatting dashboards and some clever work on how to get a random assortment of numbers. If you missed it, definitely check it out here: TDT with Joshua Milligan on October 2nd


Most Talked about Thread:

. Tableautester brought up topic that got a lot of responses with varying opinions that lead to a good discussion and ultimately ended up with a playful talk of pie charts. Why is Tableau spending resources on Mac OS?


Stumper of the Week:

You know it's a tricky question when Jonathan Drummey and Dan Huff are having a hard time finding a solution. How to calculate sum of distinct values Anyone else have ideas?


In Other News:






Thank you everyone for continuing to make the Tableau Community what it is. Have a great weekend!


As this is my first Digest - please feel free to send feedback on what you'd like to see more of or if you have any recommendations to include, please send to