• TableauException (999): Unknown error

    I've been using the tableau extract API to successfully write out .hyper files from dataframes within python 3.7. Appart from some challenges around data types this has been working well for me and my colleagues for t...
    William Hall
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  • Extract API 2.0 - Unable to load library 'TableauHyperExtract': The specified module could not be found.

    I'm trying to use the Extract API 2.0 using Java and eclipse.   I have setup the environment following this link - Extract API-Using Java and Eclipse - Tableau   I can see the Extract API bin folder set i...
    Mamta Joshi
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  • Can't get tableauSDKSample.py to build - A fatal error occurred while creating the new extract:  TableauException (999): Unknown error

    Hi --   I've tried building the tableauSDKSample.py file using both python2.7 and python3.6 on Windows 7 without any luck. I'm receiving the following error:   Traceback (most recent call last):   F...
    Shuo Wang
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  • tableausdk.Exceptions.TableauException: TableauException (20200): ERROR:  unable to buffer copy-in data on RHEL7

    hi all i am using extractAPI to generate a hyper file out of a 14m x 89  table on  RHEL7 I have 1TB of space on the host, however generating hyper for this big file results in this exception:   ...
    Marco Mistroni
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  • Using SDK API - TDE_RuntimeError: error converting utf32 to utf16: 10

    Hello,   I'm getting a strange error when using tableau SDK API 2018.3 on Mac 10.14 with Python 2.7   (Edit: this forum seems to also have trouble with unicode. The "polish" var is supposed to contain a Po...
    Ian O'Shaughnessy
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  • Error: /lib64/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.14' not found on RedHat 4.4.7

    Hello all   i have a requirement to run the Python Extract API on RHEL. (). Here are the details - RHEL version: Red Hat 4.4.7-17) - ExtractAPI version: hyperextractapi-py-linux-x86_64-release_2019_1.2019.1....
    Marco Mistroni
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  • Tableau SDK for Java (64 Bit) 10-3-8 does not support publish of hyper extracts

    Running on Tableau 10.5 server, I am creating hyper extracts in .hyper format to be published as a datasource to one of our tableau Server. The latest SDk (10-3-8) does not seem to support this. but it works fine for ...
  • Python Extract 2.0 issue on mac

    Following the procedure provided here to install python library for Extract 2.0 on mac, sample code from the package throws errors.   running hyperextractapi-2019_1/samples/tableauSDKSample.py   $ python ...
    Jayaram Prabhu Durairaj
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  • Issue uploading hyper files with multiple tables to tableau server.

    Hi, i recently started using the new extract 2.0 api.   I'm creating a hyper file (on a linux aws machine) with multiple tables then uploading it using the rest api to my 2019.1 version tableau server. The requ...
    Tom S
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  • extract API 2.0 import ISSUE

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to work on the extract API, on how to create a .hyper extract from a SCV or a datasource. So i followed the steps for doawloading and installing. When i tried this, according to the offcial...
    Mounsif Hanafi
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  • Extract API 2.0 and tde files

    Hi,   is it possible to generate TDE files using the Extract API 2.0 or do I need to use the Tableau SDK?
    Luis Chavez
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  • Converting Crystal Reports to Tableau Reports?

    Hi Tableau Experts,   I have been recently interviewed and asked, how to convert crystal reports into Tableau Reports? My answer was blank, can somebody throw a light on the conversion? My research on this topi...
    Kumar Geddam
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  • Api  TDE and TDS files who does it work?

    With views.populate__csv i get the data specified of the view that tableau use. I think it's getting it from the .tde /.hyper files..   but how does it works?   The datasource have the data and then so...
    F Terstal
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  • extract data how to check data inside, with out Tableau server software?

    Hallo,   I want to make a monitor program in python. Normally i connect to database and get the last record that is enter in.   But it seems extract are file based ??... and save it to .tde or .hyper.. ...
    F Terstal
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  • Tableau SDK and Extract API 2.0 Incompatible?

    With all the hype over the new Hyper extract format I went looking and found the new "Extract API 2.0" download. It appears to be functionally used identically to the Extract API in the SDK, and barring a #define dif...
    Scott Steesy
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  • DataExtract

    I am trying to add DataExtract API Reference in C# application. But I am not able to add the reference to the DataExtract DLL in the C#.Net application. Please help. Kindly post the the sample C# code to create a .TDE...
    Srinivas Nallamothu
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  • multiple instances of Hyper Server

    I hope this is the correct location for this question/issue...   I have 14 .hyper files that I need to create and post to the server each morning. I have a Python script 'HyperCreator.py' that contains the meth...
    Ed Bilek
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  • Extract API TableauException "Hyper Server did not call back on the callback port"

    Hi,   I'm writing Scala on Spark to run on AWS EMR, pulling data from S3 parquet and writing to a .hyper file. A unit test has created a .hyper extract successfully on Windows.   After trying the latest ex...
    Paul Nicolson
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  • Is it possible to generate .tde file in a muti-threaded way?

          Using muti-thread can  help improve performance  of  IO intensive task, but  I haven't found any information about  generating .tde file in a muti-threaded way.&...
    qiu ye
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  • Tableau Hyper Extract: tableausdk.Exceptions.TableauException: TableauException (303): invalid collation name

    Good day everyone, I'm trying to update some datastore in 'hyper' format with the official tableausdk library for python, but I still get the above error with any datasource file. The aforementioned files work flawl...
    Giovanni Andrea Binda
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