• Tableau is not able to cancel ODBC query

    Hi All,   we have a problem if hitting the "Cancel"-Button in Tableau when using HiT ODBC/400 Driver (developed in my company). We saw that there is a known problem. https://community.tableau.com/message/33364...
    Enrico Giarola
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  • Problem with data refresh using a generic ODBC Driver

    Hi All,   I noticed some problem using Tableau with HiT ODBC/400 Driver (developed in my company). I made many tests and saw that there are some strange Tableau behaviors. In this post I will summarize our tes...
    Enrico Giarola
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  • Connecting tableau with hive

    hello!! i was trying to test the connection between hive and tableau. i am using tableau desktop 2018.3 version. while testing the connection through ODBC driver i am getting following error.   can anyone he...
    priya magdum
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  • Unable to connect to DSN for ODBC in Tableau Server

    Hi,   I am connecting to an iSeries DB2 server (AS/400) by creating a DSN after installation of the IBM iAccess ODBC driver on the desktop. I have around 5 custom SQL queries as data sources, as I have the data...
    Pratheek Rao Thangeda
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  • ImpalaODBC (110) - Tableau

    Good day. They could support me to solve the following error: [Cloudera][ImpalaODBC] (110) Error while executing a query in Impala: [HY000] : Admission for query exceeded timeout 5ms in pool root.usuarios. Over t...
    rodrigo mejia
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  • [SAS][SAS ODBC Driver]Base table not found

    Hello! I have this message when I try to use a SAS table : [SAS][SAS ODBC Driver]Base table not found I thought it was a connection problem, but when I try another SAS data source in the same ODBC connection, that's...
    Angela Mendoza
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  • Tableau 2018.3 does not work with odbc

    Tableau 10, and up to 2018.1 worked successfully with our odbc driver, but I have installed the newest version Tableau 2018.3 on the same machine (Windows) and now: Tableau 2018.1 works Tableau 2018.3 does not work ...
    Nataliya Ch.
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  • Dynamo DB and Tableau Desktop

    Hi,   I am new at Tableau, I attended a training class last week where I learnt some basics how to use Tableau Desktop and Preparation.   One thing I concerned about Tableau is AWS DynamoDB is not supporte...
    Phong Vu
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  • Can't connect to database Hyperfile using ODBC

    Hi,   I'm really new to tableau and we use the database Hyperfile (coming from France see www.pcsoft.fr or www.windev.com)   Here is a little video on what happens   https://www.screencast.com/t/t7pn...
    Luc Huyghe
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  • Tableau server (2018.3) unable to connect ODBC

         As Tableau provide data sources are not satisfied with out business , so we developed a ODBC driver based on Simba , and It has communicated with Tableau Desktop , to create a worksheet to pr...
    mingxing qu
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  • Tableau 2018.2

    Hi,   I am able to connect to IBM iSeries AS400 through Other Database (ODBC). But I don't see any files or tables.   Thanks, Vidhya
    Vidhyu Murali
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  • hortonworks odbc connection using kerberos

    my non-Kerberos (username) based ODBC driver works fine and I get connection to hive. I am trying to create a connection using Kerberos but its failing. In the attached screenshot can you tell what to put for host ...
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  • Where can I find useful tds file for sqlite3?

    Hi   Is there available tds file for sqlite3 connection which I can use directly? I don't know how to write it....   Thanks!
    Yun Feng
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  • Autofilling connection attributes from the DSN doesn't work

    Hi everybody,   I'm currently working on a custom C++ odbc driver and face a problem at the time of connection that doesn't impede connecting and using tableau functionalities.   When reaching the "Other D...
    Jeremy Chetboul
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  • Using tableau 10.5 with sqlite data source

    Hi All,   I am pretty new to Tableau and i have a local sqlite database using which i need to do some visualisations in tableau. Can someone tell me how to connect them both.   Thank you, Deepak
    Deepak Machampilly Rajan
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  • SAP HANA 2.0

    Is there any issues when connecting to sap hana from tableau desktop or server. Sometimes the data displayed is not correct. Some data are missing. I am using a live connection.
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  • Problem with Tableau and "LIMIT 0" in Infobright DB

    Good morning everyone,   We have a critical problem with the performance of Tableau with the Infobright database. The main problem is the process of metadata loading in Tableau. Tableau adds „LIMIT 0”...
    Robert Socha
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  • Issue while connecting to Presto on AWS EMR. I am trying to connect to presto from Tableau Desktop 10.2. It lets me through the login screen but does not show any schema in the dropdown.

    Hello There!,   I am trying to connect to Presto on AWS EMR from Tableau Desktop 10.2. It lets me through the login screen but does not show any schema in the dropdown.   Following has been take care: 1) ...
    Hiren Mehta
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  • Linux Tableau - Unable to connect to the data source.

    Hi good day to tableau community,   Recently i had do an migration from Windows Tableau to Linux Tableau so far so good able to do an installation and migrated workbook. However when reached driver installation ...
    hayashi tsutsumi
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  • ODBC with IBM System i Driver - Does not appear to send password

    Morning, all!  Have an interesting item here...one user (Desktop 9.2 on a Windows 10 workstation) can't connect to our IBM i using ODBC.  Configuration is identical to 4 other workstations that connect with ...
    Matthew McLaughlin
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