• Where can I find useful tds file for sqlite3?

    Hi   Is there available tds file for sqlite3 connection which I can use directly? I don't know how to write it....   Thanks!
    Yun Feng
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  • Autofilling connection attributes from the DSN doesn't work

    Hi everybody,   I'm currently working on a custom C++ odbc driver and face a problem at the time of connection that doesn't impede connecting and using tableau functionalities.   When reaching the "Other D...
    Jeremy Chetboul
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  • Using tableau 10.5 with sqlite data source

    Hi All,   I am pretty new to Tableau and i have a local sqlite database using which i need to do some visualisations in tableau. Can someone tell me how to connect them both.   Thank you, Deepak
    Deepak Machampilly Rajan
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  • SAP HANA 2.0

    Is there any issues when connecting to sap hana from tableau desktop or server. Sometimes the data displayed is not correct. Some data are missing. I am using a live connection.
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  • Problem with Tableau and "LIMIT 0" in Infobright DB

    Good morning everyone,   We have a critical problem with the performance of Tableau with the Infobright database. The main problem is the process of metadata loading in Tableau. Tableau adds „LIMIT 0”...
    Robert Socha
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  • Issue while connecting to Presto on AWS EMR. I am trying to connect to presto from Tableau Desktop 10.2. It lets me through the login screen but does not show any schema in the dropdown.

    Hello There!,   I am trying to connect to Presto on AWS EMR from Tableau Desktop 10.2. It lets me through the login screen but does not show any schema in the dropdown.   Following has been take care: 1) ...
    Hiren Mehta
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  • ODBC with IBM System i Driver - Does not appear to send password

    Morning, all!  Have an interesting item here...one user (Desktop 9.2 on a Windows 10 workstation) can't connect to our IBM i using ODBC.  Configuration is identical to 4 other workstations that connect with ...
    Matthew McLaughlin
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  • Sharepoint List using ODBC

    Sharepoint List can be connected via Sharepoint List as a source or ODBC as well. After I noticed my user had issues accessing the subsite ( lists ) I tried an alternate to fetch the Lists from Sharepoint. Interesting...
    Raghu Pasupuleti
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  • [DataStax][DSI] (40390) Internal error - SwapWriteError.

    Hi,   When i am trying to full entire data from cassandra db its giving below error, Table has 2.9 million records and Date, integer, float values are working fine but unable to see values in string data type c...
    Kusa Adigarla
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  • SQLite3 ODBC Driver Error

    Hello,   Has anyone been able to successfully publish a SQLite3 data source to Tableau Server?   I've been trying for a while now and just cannot seem to get it to work. I get the error below when I try to...
    Aaron Wong
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  • Sql 2008

    Does Tableau support SQL Server 2008 R2?
    ginny pulikkan
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  • Tableau to access data on aws s3, Spark or Presto?

    Hi guys,     We're working on a project of using Tableau to report close-to-live formatted data on aws s3. Currently both Spark and Presto announced that they could do the job. I'm trying to get some sense ...
    stephanie lv
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  • Not able to set up ODBC connection to SAS Server from Tableau Desktop

    Hi All,   I am trying to set up ODBC connection to SAS Server to access the SAS Files. For this      1. I have installed SAS Share software in SAS Linux server where SAS Files are reside and &...
    C G
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  • Simba Hbase odbc driver connectivity issue

    hi team,   I am trying to check connectivity to Hbase environment using simba hbase odbc driver. I have installed 30 days trail version of Simba hbase odbc driver from the downloads. We are getting below error...
    Kanmani Kumarasamy
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  • "Information type out of range" with custom driver

    I'm developing a custom JDBC driver with Calcite framework and using Easysoft (also tried Openlink) odbc-jdbc bridge on Win 7 32 bit.   The odbc connection works in general, I've tested with Microsoft ODBC Testi...
    Smbdy Smbdy
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  • Generic ODBC (Oracle BI Server 1) to Tableau

    Hi,   Tableau Desktop Version - 10.1 and OBIEE is I am trying to connect Tableau with OBIEE Metadata, and been unsuccessful. I created ODBC connection and followed the steps from https://community....
    Praveen Alamuru
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  • StdDev in custom ODBC driver?

    Hi Tableau community - we have been using an internal proprietary ODBC driver to connect Tableau (Desktop and Server, 10.0.0.latest) to an internal data source, and it has been working out pretty well.   One thi...
    David Felstead
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  • BO Connector for Tableau

    Hello everyone,   I want to connect BO universes with Tableau. I found some connectors but I can not use for my version of BO.   Version of BO which we use is Enterprise XI 12.1.0 .   Thanks,...
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  • Presto Connector - Passing Session Properties to Presto

    Hi All,   Tableau 10 introduced Presto ODBC connector. It allows us to run query against our Presto query using Teradata Presto ODBC driver. However, I noticed there isn't any initSQL option to pass session prop...
    Douglas Lam
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  • Unable to login to Oracle DB

    Hi All,   I have a query while connecting to Oracle database.   I am following the below steps :-       Open Tableau     Click on ‘Connect To Data’  ...
    Dinesh Jibhe
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