• Cannot read property width of undefined in handleVizLoad()

    Trying to embed a Tableau dashboard using the Javascript API. To be specific, it is embedded into Salesforce. Everything seems to work ok, with the exception of getting an error the first time accessing the viz. Even...
    Kevin Myers
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  • Javascript API - catching errors

    Hello,   I use the javascript API to embed views from Tableau Server, and I wonder how I can catch the errors thrown by the server (Tableau internal errors, or errors that occur when the client lose its network ...
    Benoit Boireau
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  • Re: Tableau - Persistent sessions or not with Java API

    Hello Brandyn Moody / siddharth vij,   I am struggling with session topics for days now and I stumbled on this post. We have integrated javascript api to display dashboards.   I am having a scenario where...
    Akshar Jamgaonkar
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  • Listen for events when saving an embedded tableau worksheet using JS API

    Is there an event listener or something similar to know when an embedded tableau workbook  was saved? ( I'm embedding the iframe with an url like https://my-tableau-server-url/t/site/authoring/workbook-name/shee...
    Pablo Restuccia
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  • Yet another question about sign-in

    When embedding tableau with Javascript, I see the "Sign in to..." box.   I have no problem with this, but my question is this:   I'm embedding 4 views on the page.   So I get 4 "Sign in" boxes. Wh...
    Eric Vaughan
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  • Embedded Dashboards Don't Fully Load on Website

    Hello Tableau Community, I have a collection of dashboards organized in tabs that I have embedded on my website.  Often times when I move from tab to tab I find that the titles and filter options of my dashboard...
    Research Evaluation
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  • How to show Tableau data in table format into web application?

    Hello Team, I need to show Tableau data in table format in my application using Javascript API. Can you please let me know how i can configure. Actually i need to show Tableau data in my web application using javascri...
    Khushiram Ginnare
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  • Passing URL as user input from HTML into JS extract API

    Hello Tableau community,   I've been trying to get user input from a HTML page to pass it into the viz extract API. In my JS function, I'm using jquery and I have this piece of code:     $(document).r...
    S J
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  • getFiltersAsync() can't get all filters in tableau js api

    I want to use getFiltersAsync() to get all filters to include selected and unselected, but now I can only get selected filters, is there any way I can get all the filters and shows which ones are selected and which on...
    jack ma
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  • Gets the size of the Dashboard Object

    Hello. I'm developing javascript web application where we using embedded tableau dashboards. There are multiple Worksheets on the dashboard, and whether they are displayed is controlled by parameter. I want to get das...
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  • Uncaught RangeError: Invalid string length

    Hello Team,   Using Javascript API, I have embedded a tableau dashboard to my web application. Now I am trying to fetch the report data in a javascript object using the function getUnderlyingDataAsync(). My tota...
    sukanya sahoo
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  • Tableau Javascript API HTTPS isn't working

    I am trying to embed a report onto my website but getting the following error:   "Mixed Content: The page at 'https://mywebsite.com/blah/blah' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure script 'http://publ...
    Gerasimos Mileounis
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  • Tableau iframe problem, 410 gone response

    Hello. I'm developing javascript web application where we using embedded tableau dashboards. The main feature is that we have list of dashboards and after click we displaying one of them.   Here is some code h...
    Tech Support
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  • SameSite Cookie + Embedding w/ Tableau Online

    Is anyone else having issues embedding with Tableau Online after Chrome 80 started rolling out the SameSite requirements?   Tableau Server can be fixed using a KB patch, but we obviously can't apply this to Tabl...
    Derrick Austin
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  • know if user needs to sign in

    Hello, I'm building a website for my organisation with embedded sheets. When a user is not signed in to tableau, the sheet is replaced with a sign in sheet. Is there a way, using the tableau javascript API, to know ...
    Vincent Constantin
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  • applyFilterAsync Promise Does not Resolve Until Hovering Over the Viz

    I have a control which is executing the applyFilterAsync command and performing some further action when the promise is resolved from this method.   My organization recently upgraded tableau to version 2019.4.2 ...
    Phillip Demro
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  • Retrieving parameters passed in a URL from a 3rd party website in separate iframe and filtering report

    Hi I have looked everywhere but not seen any examples if this is possible... Its easy to do it the other way around (passing parameters from Tableau to another application) ... 2019.2 version   I want to "pass p...
    john penna
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  • otherwise callback not getting executed

    Hi All,   I am trying to handle a exception "Duplicate key 'OperatorTypeParameter'", however, my otherwise callback does not get executed, I also tried to add a try / catch but even in that case it does not work...
    Akshar Jamgaonkar
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  • Trusted Authentication Session Timeout

    Hello,   I am using trusted authentication to render tableau dashboard on my page. what is session timeout?   is there any way to do single time use token and you can not able to access URL without token? ...
    Rakesh Savani
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  • sessions and view value

    hi   i am looking to download full data using session id and view id in server side.   /sessions/9BC5E41C9E6749C197294D834FCCFA19-0:1/views/14425121001966086373_14100708447717819456   how do i get th...
    Tracey Kuthol
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