• Add filter to embed map

    Hi,   Following this guide, I've been able to filter embedded table that I have included on my website.   I'm trying to reproduce the same for another tab, which is a map. Sadly, it doesn't work...   ...
    SAUZET Romain
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  • Tableau javascript API throws always an error when using with nodejs

    Hi all,   I'm trying to automate my javascript code with puppeteer. I wrote sipmle code which loads my tableau site on the browser and log in. This part works well. Then I wanted to use tableau-javascript-api o...
    Bagi Davaa
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  • merge PDF files

    Hi everyone,   I need to merge PDF files I generate by batch printing. Instead of multiple files I want to get 1 file with multiple pages. I don't have access to tabcmd, so I struggle with the extention of the...
    Monika Piekarska
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  • Embedded javascript is slow compared to without

    Are there ways to optimize the embed code below?   <script type='text/javascript' src='https://ipso.factum.com/javascripts/api/viz_v1.js'></script>         <div class='t...
    Vinh Ton
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  • Upgrade the tableau version from 10.5.2 to 19.1.1 the filters can't be clicked by Javascript

    Hi,        I want to control the filters through the front-end technology, and I hided the filters on tableau and wrote the custom filter on the right side, when the user clicks on the custom...
    Kevin Xu
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  • Export workbook using Java scrip API

    Hi,   I am curious to know if there is any function to export workbook like exporting PDF using JS API? Thanks
    Saurabh Kumar
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  • Getting error for JS-API as "Parser Blocking,Cross-Origin script".

    Hi Team,   I am getting importing the script, https://public.tableau.com/javascripts/api/tableau-2.js     Kindly reply asap. Regards, ZsBITest
    Test Bi
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  • Updating Sets with Javascript API

    I am new to the Javascript API and cannot seem to find any resources related to updating sets. Is it possible to update a set using the Javascript API, as you would with a set action in a Tableau workbook? If so, how ...
    Briana Krebs
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  • How to determine that the (All) filter was selected with the javascript api?

    With the javascript api, we can detecte changes to the filters via addEventListener with FILTER_CHANGE.   This works fine.   The issue is that there doesn't seem to be a way to determine that the (All) fil...
    Chris Weber
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  • Export Powerpoint in Javascript API 2019.1

    I know Tableau 2019.1 comes with the feature to export a viz to powerpoint. Will this be coming to the Javascript API? I'm looking at the methods for the Viz Class and I'm only seeing the image, pdf, cross tab ect.
    Kevin Bunn
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  • How to trigger an event inside javascript when filter is triggered.

    How to fire an event in javascript when filter is triggered inside an tableau report and save the value for the triggered filter in local variable.
    April Szlaga
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  • Javascript api authentication

    Hi Team,   I am trying to integrate the tableau dashboard in sharepoint online with trusted authentication but i tried couple of code samples with javascript api.But those are not working.can you please help us ...
    Chakradhar N
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  • Tableau JS API: Change Pages Value

    Our team is coding a workaround to the Pages "movie" feature using pngs  (https://bensullins.com/animate-your-tableau-dashboards-on-the-web/ ). We've created a pause button to pass a value to the Pages shelf of t...
    Derrell Pate
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  • Embedded workbook does not fire interactive/load events when url contains a hash

    When embedding a dashboard, using the Tableau 2.2.0 javascript library, key events are no longer fired if the URL contains a hash sign.   https://tableau.com/views/Workbook/Dashboard?iframeSizedToWindow=true&...
    Matt Bark
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  • Hiding Toolbar Using Javascript API

    Hello, I am trying to embed a viz from tableau public to a web page using the Javascript API. I'd like to completely remove the bottom toolbar.   My code is as: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <he...
    Shubham Sharma
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  • JS API select worksheet on tabswitch for data export

    trying to add a button so the users can export data using javascript API.   currently have the button calling   function ExportData() {     viz.showExportDataDialog(); }   the issue...
    Ted Slinkard
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  • Setting tableau filters via JS across multiple dashboards/worksheets

    We have a workbook which contains two dashboards, the first contains one worksheet and the second contains four worksheets. We're trying to pass filters in via the url (that part is ok) but we cannot get all the work...
    Tommy Harstrom
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  • Escaping special characters in URL filters

    Hi, this is poorly documented. The most information I can find is:   "If a filter value contains a special character, such as a comma, replace the character with the URL encoding sequence for \ (backslash, %5c) f...
    maryam hesham
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  • Using a dropdown to select a Dashboard view using JavaScript and API

    I have messed with this as much as possible on my own but with my lack of JavaScript knowledge and even more so a lack of knowledge of the API I have been unable to do this so far. Currently I have a dashboard that is...
    Sam Lowery
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  • Accessing Tableau filter values from React application

    Hi,   We have the following requirement that we are trying to get done using Tableau REST api. Our application is React based. The Tableau server we are running is v10.4   To use Tableau charts from React...
    Subramanian Viswanathan
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