• Sudden appearance of "Cannot read property 'isInstanceOfType' of undefined"

    Yesterday around 3PM PDT, we started receiving this error message in https://public.tableau.com/javascripts/api/tableau-2.3.0.js .   Is anyone else seeing this?   Regards, Dave
    Dave Gerton
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  • Passing filter value that contains comma to tableau javascript api

    I am using tableau JavaScript API to pass filter values to dashboard and then load it in my web application. One of filter value has comma in it (Eg : "Dallas, Texas" ), how to pass this value to my filter as it is c...
    sudhashree annadurai
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  • FILTER_CHANGE event getting called multiple number of times

    Hi All,   I am listening to FILTER_CHANGE event on the viz but the function onFilterChange is getting called multiple number of times,   onFirstInteractive: function(){       ...
  • Apply a Range Filter to a Dashboard Worksheet Before Loading the Visualization

    Hi,   Using the JavaScript API, I am successfully filtering an individual worksheet on a dashboard from an input box like this:   var minVal = $('#textFilter').val();       &#...
    James Rader
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  • Possibility to customize sign-in button when SAML authentication fails

    Hello,   when using a Tableau widget on an external site with configured SAML auth, there are two cases for the user that comes to the site 1) user is already logged in to Tableau, in that case the visualisatio...
    Lukas Kral
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  • Integrate Rest API with the JS API

    Hey guys,   my goal is to show customers their sales board for example. So when we have customer X, he can only see his sales and never from any other customer. The approach now is I am getting the data from th...
    Kay Rohde
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  • Passing Filters from One Embedded Visualization to Other Embedded Visualizations

    Hi, I am relatively new to JavaScript and the Tableau JS API.  I am trying to get the filters from one embedded visualization and pass it to other visualizations on the web page.   I am initializing my mai...
    Tyler Meyers
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  • Javascript API Possibilities

    Hello,   I'm new to Tableau and i'm trying to make a custom dashboard where i want to display and apply some custom filters to a Tableau visualization. Is it possible to hide the filters that comes from Tableau...
    Cristiano Sarmento
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  • unable to filter after around 15-20 minutes of idle time - Javascript API

    Hello All,   I am using the javascript api & trusted authentication and see the behaviour that after around 20 minutes of idle time if I come back to the dashboard page in my application, I am no longer able...
    Akshar Jamgaonkar
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  • Dashboards with hidden worksheets - Javascript API issues

    Hi, We are trying to handle a scenario where we want to display different charges on the same real estate on screen. In order to accomplish this, we have placed all of the worksheets inside a single container and th...
    Karthik  Vaidhinathan
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  • Grabbing JavaScript API Filter Values

    Hello,     I am new to Tableau's JavaScript API, looking for a way to grab all of my filter values from a dashboard and store them in array(s). The ultimate goal is to pass the filter values from one dashb...
    Bahjat Kseibi
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  • Javascript API - applyRangeFilterAsync does not work on numerical filters

    Hi,   It seems that applyRangeFilterAsync does not work on numerical fields, for instance, the following code throws no error but does not update the view:      sheet.applyRangeFilterAsync('...
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  • Event when user downloads summary data or full data

    Hi All,   I have a scenario where the user is presented a option to download the data in csv. There are two ways in which the user can download the data. Summary Or Full Data.   Is there an event in the Ja...
    Akshar Jamgaonkar
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  • Accessing the username of the current logged in user via javascript

    Hi,   I have added in a script reference for intercom into our deployed instance of Tableu which is working nicely. It would help out support staff if we included the username of the current user (passed via the...
    Rob Heymann
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  • iFrame width is 0 for embedding worksheets

    Has anyone run into iFrame width becoming 0?  When using the APIs to display embedded worksheets, for some sheets we get either a zero width and/or zero height. Seems to only happen when the workbook minimum sett...
    Christos Sofianopoulos
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  • Transparent Backgrounds not working with embedded Tableau visualizations (using Javascript API)

    I'm trying to embed dashboards from co-workers' Tableau workbooks into my (non-Tableau) site to create a combined dashboard.  It's kind of a pain to have them make changes to match my aesthetic, so I was excited ...
    Raleigh Chen
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  • Event listeners for viz with multiple story points

    Hi,   I am pretty new to JS API so excuse me if I am missing something basic.   I have one story containing 2 dashboards as story points, each containing 3 worksheets. I am trying to dynamically create d...
    Umer Khalid
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  • Change Parameter in multiple Vizes simultaniously

    Hello,   I have a custom web page where i have multiple vizes (3 iframes) and i have a parameter and when the user changes it, the goal is to apply the change in the 3 vizes available, but only the first one is ...
    Cristiano Sarmento
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  • About click event on a Tableau Viz

    I want to realize tableau viz animation. As a simple demo, I switch between two viz every 30 seconds. I'd like that the animation be stopped by a click action on no matter where in the page and the animation restarts ...
    CHEN Junxian
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  • How can I capture Marks from Stories using the JS API?

    I'm able to add an event listener for MARKS_SELECTED and see the results for sheets of both Dashboard and Worksheet, however, I am unable to do the same with sheets.   I perform the following: tableauViz.addEven...
    Jason Gill
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