• Get filter(s) applied to active sheet

    I know there are a lot of examples of doing similar things I can't seem to get this to return the value I am looking for.   I want to know which filter and value, if any, a user has selected on my dashboard. ...
    joe shabadoo
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  • Setting tableau filters via JS across multiple dashboards/worksheets

    We have a workbook which contains two dashboards, the first contains one worksheet and the second contains four worksheets. We're trying to pass filters in via the url (that part is ok) but we cannot get all the work...
    Tommy Harstrom
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  • Hiding Toolbar Using Javascript API

    Hello, I am trying to embed a viz from tableau public to a web page using the Javascript API. I'd like to completely remove the bottom toolbar.   My code is as: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <he...
    Shubham Sharma
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  • Export workbook using Java scrip API

    Hi,   I am curious to know if there is any function to export workbook like exporting PDF using JS API? Thanks
    Saurabh Kumar
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  • Trigger dropdown filter changes through Javascript

    Hello all,   I have a Tableau Workbook that contains few dashboards. One of the dashboard has a filter dropdown (being visualized as a Single Value (dropdown) ), that applies filters on a field across multiple w...
    Martin Borugadda
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  • Accessing Tableau filter values from React application

    Hi,   We have the following requirement that we are trying to get done using Tableau REST api. Our application is React based. The Tableau server we are running is v10.4   To use Tableau charts from React...
    Subramanian Viswanathan
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  • How to get all values, not only applied values, on a field (Tableau Javascript API)

    Hi.   I want to get all values on a Field/Filter with Tableau JS API.   For example: I have a Field called Region that have the values East, West, South and Central.   I have not manage to find a goo...
    Emil Rånge
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  • Only relevant values filtering with javascript API

    Hello,     I have implemented custom filters with Javascript API with "applyFilterAsync" and it is working well.   However, in my Worksheet I use cascading filters (category & subcategory) with "o...
    Valentin Vieren
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  • Tableau JS API: Change Pages Value

    Our team is coding a workaround to the Pages "movie" feature using pngs  (https://bensullins.com/animate-your-tableau-dashboards-on-the-web/ ). We've created a pause button to pass a value to the Pages shelf of t...
    Derrell Pate
    created by Derrell Pate
  • Javascript API - Add functionality to workbook

    Hello All, We have a Tableau Server version 2018.2.4 and want to add functionality to a workbook through JavaScript API installed on the Tableau server.  To use the JavaScript API we need a create a custom HTML ...
    Imran Yousaf
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  • api to create charts dynamically from scratch

    Been Playing with tableau since 2 months Also i have used Tableau JavaScript api but Now trying to find api that will help create charts(pie chart , bar chart , scatter plot ...etc)  from scratch without ma...
    Dev Creator
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  • How to determine that the (All) filter was selected with the javascript api?

    With the javascript api, we can detecte changes to the filters via addEventListener with FILTER_CHANGE.   This works fine.   The issue is that there doesn't seem to be a way to determine that the (All) fil...
    Chris Weber
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  • getAppliedValues() on a hierarchical filter class

    Some background:   I am trying to develop with Tableau against an Analysis Services datasource (This type of datasource often requires special 'hierarchical' calls for Tableau, for example see API reference for ...
    Ryan Anderson
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  • Show 'Custom View Dialog' or 'Edit screen' with JS API

    I have been reading through the JS API documentation and doing my research but I have not seen a way to show the custom view dialog box / open the Edit Screen in the same way that I can show the share dialog with viz....
    Ryan Anderson
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  • Export Powerpoint in Javascript API 2019.1

    I know Tableau 2019.1 comes with the feature to export a viz to powerpoint. Will this be coming to the Javascript API? I'm looking at the methods for the Viz Class and I'm only seeing the image, pdf, cross tab ect.
    Kevin Bunn
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  • JS Api: how can I know when a filter is not set ("all")?

    We are using getFiltersAsync to get current set of filters and their applied values through getAppliedValues function.   When filters are set to "all" we get a full list of possible filter values.   Is it ...
    Mario Tomaselli
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  • Function refreshDataAsync() does not refresh the view

    Hi,   Got a task to refresh a real-time sheet  which can be viewed via browser. Googled the Internet and copied a number of scripts but none works on my pc. I have the following codes in the script:   ...
    Karen Huang
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  • check if tableau dashboard url exists

    Hello Experts,   I am trying to show list of dashboard names on a web page and would like to do a check if a dashboard url exists based on the user permissions before showing the name on the webpage. Can anyone...
    Karthik Viz
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  • Calling intranet JavaScript API from Amazon

    Hello   I have been looking for the resources on Amazon Alexa Integration with Tableau but have not found any concrete material to follow apart from YouTube links   So, I am also in same boat where I nee...
    Omkar Joshi
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  • Tableau JS API event on Exclude mode value change in Filter

    I have a public tableau in which there is a filter. I am using this tableau in my html page. Based on selection of filter, I am manipulating the data and creating a d3 chart in my html. I am using Tableau JS API (tab...
    Meenakshi Kumari
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