• Javascript API and event listeners for dashboard actions

    Hello,   I'm am building a series of dashboards that are to be embedded on a webpage utilising the Javascript API for navigation between dashboards. Part of this navigation is to create a "back" button which tak...
    Emma Whyte
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  • multiple visualisations for same dashboard are impacting each other

    Hi,   I'm using the JavaScript API to multiple instances of the same visual with different filters.   Each is loaded into a separate container div with a unique ID, and the viz object is stored in an arra...
    Robert Tooker
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  • JavaScript not loading the dashboard

    Hi   I just started to learn javascript for tableau. I saved the below code in notepad and created an HTML page. But it does not work.   Note:- In the link "Server" means there I put the tableau server. I...
    Naman shah
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  • updating multiple parameters simultaneously from Javascript API

    Hi,   I have some workbooks displayed in an HTML page, and am using the Javascript API just fine. However, I need to be able to update multiple parameters in one go - not one after the other as I've seen most e...
    Imran Akbar
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  • Authenticating with JS API

    Hello,   My team is developing a site with Tableau Online that displays workbooks and sheets to users outside of our organization. We're using the REST API to programatically create users and give them workbook ...
    Gabriel Attoun
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  • Initialize JS API visualization for specific site

    Hi, all!   I can't understand how to specify the site on which tableau JS API should work. I did not find examples in the documentation, I tried put [/sites/siteId] in template from docs(https://help.tableau....
    Dexter Wilson
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  • isExcludeMode in the URL Filters

    Hello Tableau Community,   We have saved user filters for dashboard we have in our application and there are filters which users save in exclude mode, we can apply the filters to the URL as specified here (Param...
    Akshar Jamgaonkar
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  • Unable to access - parent.parent.tableau of Tableau JS API when accessing report having embed=y in URL

    All,   Have implemented a custom solution to capture commentary points in Tableau dashboard by following the below approach   https://databoss.starschema.net/tableau-javascript-api-without-embedding/  ...
    Ravi Naidu
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  • Embedding Tableau Report in Java Web Page

    Hi, I am trying to embed tableau view in Java web page using Javascript APIs. Following below steps to get the viewId and then embed view in Web Page. - Calling Java Rest APIs to signin. It returns siteId and acce...
    Sanjay Jain
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  • JavaScript API and displaying latest workbook views from Server

    This is what I have so far...can anyone help me complete my script so my viz0 and viz1  gets displayed seamlessly with latest Server views every 30 secs on webpage.   var viz; window.onload=function() { ...
    Sagar Ghimire
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  • invalidFilterFieldValue Even when the value is correct

    Hello All,   I am trying to use applyFiltersAsyn function to apply the filter values, however, in some cases even when the filter values are correct we see that we get the following exception "invalidFilterField...
    Akshar Jamgaonkar
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  • pass special characters to applyFilters

    Hello All,   I am trying to apply a string "hello 3-46-35 (1247)" to applyFilters but I am getting a exception "invalidFilterFieldValue".   I later applied encoding to string and passed it as "hello%203-46...
    Akshar Jamgaonkar
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  • How To Query A Dimension To Get All Values

    I am trying to query a dimension that contains a list of values as strings. I would like to someone how grab all of the values from the dimension using the JS API.   Does anyone know if this is possible?
    Troy Walker
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  • Download Workbook csv/pdf/png using GET request

    Hi,   tableau server version: 2019.3 Javascript API version: 2.2.2     I'm using Javascript API in my web app, displaying workbooks across tabs, I'm performing authentication via trusted server and w...
    Eldar Damari
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  • Filtering multiple vizes not working

    Hello,   I have a single page web application where i render 2 vizes. I have also a custom select html element which, on change event, i apply a filter available on the sheets of the 2 vizes. The filter refres...
    Cristiano Sarmento
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  • How To Load Filters From Tableau on a Page Dynamically

    I am trying to figure out if it is possible to dynamically add all filters to a tableau viz page. For example, I would like to have a html page where I can swap out Viz's and the filters load for the viz load dynamica...
    Troy Walker
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  • Filter_Change event-listener not working when using Tableau JavaScript API without embedding

    I was looking at how I can use Tableau JavaScript API to create better stories. For starters, I went through this blog by Tamas Foldi. For next, I was trying to fetch data once there is a change in any filter availab...
    Rohan Singh
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  • How to get the filter value "All" if set in the filters

    Hello All,   I am trying to save the filters in my application for further processing, I have a filter for example with following values "All", "Texas", "Colorado", "Arkansas".   I am trying to find if th...
    Akshar Jamgaonkar
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  • Escaping special characters in URL filters

    Hi, this is poorly documented. The most information I can find is:   "If a filter value contains a special character, such as a comma, replace the character with the URL encoding sequence for \ (backslash, %5c) f...
    maryam hesham
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  • React/ JS API Viz Issue

    Hello,   I'm trying to implement a dashboard from Tableau public into my project, but I'm having an issue calling the Viz constructor. Page Component: Viz Component:   Error:   I have also i...
    Ben  Hazzard
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