• Dashboard Extensions by tableau not able to configure in desktop

    hello,   I want to test some dashboard extensions and have downloaded two instances of dashboard extensions by tableau (Data driven parameters and date updater) from the Extensions gallery. When I bring either o...
    Kevin Moreno
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  • Does the Tableau Mobile App support the Extensions API?

    Hi Everyone,   Simple question (I hope!). I suppose it will probably depend on whether the mobile app development (IOS or Android) is native or HTML5.   The docs say...   "What’s in a Tableau ...
    Dave Thomas
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  • Load Extension in embedded viz

    Hi all, I would like to load a viz with an extension via js API but it doesn't appears. I'm trying with difference extension but the result is the same.     This is the js snipped to create a viz. const o...
    Marco Riggio
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  • Disable dashboard extensions on Tableau desktop version 2018.3.4

    Hello,   Is there a option to disable dashboard extensions on tableau desktop, with versions prior to 2019.1. I checked this link but don’t see the option at least until 2018.3.4.     Thanks, S...
    Srinivas Yalamarthi
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  • Tableau Extensions

    Hi All,   i hope you all are doing well, i have one quire regarding the Tableau Extensions.  i downloaded extensions from Tableau and added it in to safe list but my client not interested to use  exter...
  • Tableau Data Driven Parameters Issue

    When we use the Data Driven Parameter extension in our dashboard, all users that have Viewer licenses do no seem to be able to get the parameter to update with the list of selection options. Doe anyone know of a fix ...
    Neil Boughey
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  • Font in tableau

    Hi Everyone!   Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend! To start this week out with energy, i have a flaming question for all of you who are experienced with Extensions in Tableau.   Say im developing ...
    Magnus Hartvig Groenbech
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  • Excel Export Extension

    Has anyone used this extension? is it worth it? Also does it create the annoying pivoted table or the true table that you see when it is in tableau? I would be really appreciative to anyone that can answer these ques...
    Kelly McGrady
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  • Data driven Parameters-Not lexicographical sorting

    Hi all, Thanks for the great extension. It is absolutely very useful! I wonder if it is possible to modify this extension somehow, and when the parameter is Integer-valued, its values to be sorted normally, and not ...
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  • Can I have multiple instances of a custom extension on a dashboard with different configure settings? (iow map settings to a specific instance of an extension?)

    I have written a custom extension. I have a configure popup that lets me configure it. I get/set the configured settings using the settings api- let tableauSettings = tableau.extensions.settings.getAll();   I ...
    Edward StLawrence
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  • server rendering of apply_filter_async to a date range / custom saved view

    I had a question on this, so it was deemed to be tested on my dev server.  Here's my results.     Custom saved view (save_custom_date) has a date range of 4/1/18 to 4/1/19.   Extension date range...
    Jeff Strauss
    created by Jeff Strauss
  • Using Typescript with the library

    Hello,   We want to use the library into a Typescript project, but there is no typescript description file. Do you know if something exists and where I could find it? Thanks by advance!   PS: wa are using...
    Marion Fio
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  • Can I set an extension to use data from 2 different worksheets?

    Hello, Is it possible to build an extension that would read data from one worksheet and when there is no data based on the filters it will show data from another worksheet which is hidden in the background?   T...
    Tamir Gilany
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  • print extension

    Hi does anyone know if the solution to the issue "Unable to print or save image of the extension in a dashboard" is planned shortly? Known Issues for the Tableau Extensions API   thanks
    Enrico Franchini
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  • Refresh dashboard using extension

    I don't know much on js. Does anyone know how to modify to display minutes instead of seconds? I would like to set it to refresh every 15 mins and display countdown. This is the js file.
    julian grace
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  • applyFilterAsync doesn't change Measure Names filter

    Using the applyFilterAsync method against any of my dimensions correctly filters my data based on the values provided to the function call. However, I've been having issues when trying to filter the measure names disp...
    Eric Livingston
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  • Data Driven Parameter suddenly doesn't work on Tableau Server

    I have a Data Driven Parameter in workbook and it works perfectly fine on both Tableau desktop and Tableau Server. But starting from someday in Feb. 2019, the Data Driven Parameter does not work on Tableau Server. I...
    last modified by CHUCHI CHEN
  • Check whether the extension is opened inside Tableau, or through regular webpage

    Hi all,   I would like to check whether someone accessing the specific URL where my Extension's hosted at is doing so by just navigating to it through good old Chrome, or as part of a Tableau Workbook. Any tips ...
    Tom van Nes
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  • Worksheet name issue - dashboard.worksheets.forEach(function (worksheet)

    Hello.   I am a beginner in developing Tableau Extensions.   I’ve started recently to develop a new extension as per suggestion of Keshia Rose.    (TABLEAU version 2018.2)   N...
    Armando Santos
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  • Event Listener Parameter Changed non-reponsive

    Hi,   I have an extension that should refresh every time a filter or a parameter is changed. To refresh on filter changes, I've set an event listener on every worksheet and these work fine.   I have tried ...
    Sebastian Saint Arroman
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