• Is Windows Authentication supported for Tableau Desktop?

    Hello,   I'm developing an extension that needs to use Windows Authentication (NTLM/Kerberos) when communicating with the server. So far I've been testing it on Tableau Desktop 2018.2 and I haven't managed to g...
    Silviu Stere
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  • Eventlistener on dashboard when mark selection changes

    Back again. I want to set an Evenlistener on the whole dashboard to listen for any changes in mark selection. However, I get an error saying that this specific event type is not possible.  The API Reference does ...
    Tom van Nes
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  • I want to know the feasibility of the desired functions by using Tableau Extensions API

    Hello.   I want the below 3 functions by using Tableau Extensions API. And I want to know the feasibility by using Tableau Extensions API. Please kindly advise.   1. I created the dashboard that consists o...
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  • How to use the extension api and display all rows of a data source

    I see here Get Data from the Dashboard  that Extension API Can only return first 10000 records , I am having a requirement of creating an extension that allows the end user to create dynamic calculations like sup...
    Jijo Joseph
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  • Is it possible to write a tableau extension for applying company themes to workbook?

    Hi all,   Since tableau does not really have formal way of enforcing company specific themes, we thought of writing an extension ourselves.   Would the extensions api allow this?   Thanks in advan...
    jorrit goddijn
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  • Data Driven Parameter: Allow for multiple selections

    Hi team,   I'd just like to understand if I'm using the data driven parameter correctly or if indeed I've understood its intended use when selecting, "Allow for multiple selections".   Does this mean I sho...
    Chris Coxhill
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  • tableau extension is not initializing when the reloaded through code on Server

    Hi , I have a extension in tableau server which has a date and the in the code i am reloading the extension through javascript when user selects a different date (window.location = window.location+"?date=2012-10-10")...
    Jijo Joseph
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  • Tableau Desktop :: 'Paste' (Cmd+V) action is disabled for Dashboard extensions

    Hello. I am one of the developers of this extension: https://extensiongallery.tableau.com/products/37 Neither I nor my colleagues are not able to Paste (Cmd+V on Mac) into text fields within our dashboard extensions...
    Andrii Rubtsov
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  • Data Driven Parameters - Not able to get all the fields in list

    Keshia Rose   Hi Keshia,   I have attached a sample workbook. I used the data source Super Store and created a sample worksheet and used that in the dashboard. I created a parameter Customer1. I used th...
    Raghu Gadiraju
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  • Tableau Extensions on Tableau Public

    Keshia Rose any idea if extensions are going to be supported on Tableau Public?   It would be awesome to showcase extensions in one's profile or even test drive other community members extensions.   Thanks!
    Matthew Hefferon
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  • Can I highlight marks using Tableau Extensions?

    Hi!   I noticed there was no option of highlighting marks using the Extensions API, but it is possible to get highlighted marks. Will this be implemented at some point?
    Tom van Nes
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  • Tableau Extension API with Python based Web Application

    Hi,     Would it be possible to create a Tableau Extension that integrate a web application written in Flask/Django python web-frameworks?   The web application do certain read/write operations to dat...
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  • Unable to retrieving multiple selected marks when selecting entire dimension category

    Hi all,   Im trying to have my extension retrieve all marks selected in a table when clicking on one overarching dimension using getSelectedMarksAsync(). E.g. for a table containing a table with category "office...
    Tom van Nes
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  • Extension Not working on Tableau Server 2018.2

    Hi, I have created a tableau extension that listen for marks in a tableau dashboard. It works perfectly on tableau desktop and everything looks good. But when i have published the same to the tableau server the exte...
    Jijo Joseph
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  • Tableau Extension | getSelectedMarksAsync is not responding to dual axis chart

    I have a stacked barchart+ line chart as a dual axis chart and I have added the same to a dashboard along with the getSelectedMarksAsync extension from the Official page(Tutorial_4). I am able to capture marks wh...
    Jijo Joseph
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  • Date Update Extensions

    Hi,     Has anyone had experience implementing the date update extensions in Tableau? There's 2-3 of them. I've used the Data Updater one and it works great but there is one issue I am running into. It upd...
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  • Date Updater (Tableau) - 1 hour off

    Hi, I'm using the Date Updater to enter the current date/time (Today()) I like it very much. However I have three issues: 1. On the Server the time is 1 hour off (less in my case). It seems to use UTC in stead of UTC...
    Martijn Beuker
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  • Pause Option in Extension API for both Data Refresh/Layouts

    Can we have option in extension API to apply parameter/filters in one go before the Data Refresh takes place. Basically want a pause option so that i can minimize back end queries (Live Connections).  Currently t...
    Kalyan Renganathan
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  • Dashboard Extension Performance in Tableau Online 2018.3

    Hi,   I've been testing out a few extensions for use on our Tableau Online site - both Data Tables and  Image Viewer (to show more than one url driven image on a dashboard at a time). Both run very quickly ...
    Steve Riffe
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  • Smart Card Authentication

    Hello,   So I have tested hosting my site on a local server that requires Smart Card Authentication and then taking this site and incorporating it with Extensions. The problem I am having is that when adding thi...
    Jonathan Lane
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