• Column name from getSelectedMarksAsync()

    With getSelectedMarksAsync() I can return the value based on index. Is there a way to return the value based on field name? It can be done with getUnderlyingDataAsync(), but that returns all values if a mark is not s...
    Caleb Thompson
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  • Extensions API - ApplyFilterAsync to Date

    Hello,   I have tried using the ApplyFilterAsync and it works on strings, but when I try it on an integer (filter from single value list), nothing updates on my dashboard.   I use: worksheet.applyFilterAs...
    Shayan Asgari
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  • How to use the extensions api

    Hello All,   I am new to working with tableau extensions api, I want to identofy if the user has interacted with a filter or if "All" is selected. I see that recently tableau extension api added support for this...
    Akshar Jamgaonkar
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  • List dashboards

    Hello,   I need to write an extension that'll load all the dashboards in the workbook. How do I retrieve this?   Thanks, Shilpa
    Shilpa Nagavara
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  • Report keep refreshing with date update extension when login as viewer site role

    Hello, Date updater tableau extension keep my report refreshing every second when my viewer tableau license logs in to view the report on the Tableau server. However, when I change my user site role to "Explorer". ...
    vitavas itthianuwat
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  • Position extension elements above dashboard

    Hi! I`m building an extension, which contains a dropdown element. It looks ok when the dropdown is closed, but when I open it a scrollbar appears. Is there a way to position item list above dashboard (like normal fil...
    Artem Prytkov
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  • Are getSelectedMarksAsync and/or MarkSelectionChanged broken in Tableau Server 2019.3.0?

    We wrote and deployed a set of custom extensions about 8 months ago and everything has been working well. Last week we upgraded our Tableau Server to 2019.3.0 and now I'm getting a bunch of users with issues that cli...
    Edward StLawrence
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  • Write back functionality in Tableau

    Hi, Have anyone used the extension (Wite-Back) by xpand-IT to enable the functionality in Tableau space? If so, can you please assist here. Im new to this extension. Basically my use case here is, I have a monitoring...
    Santhosh Sekar
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  • Can I get the color assigned to a mark in the extension API?

    I'm trying to make a custom floorplan viz using the extension api that renders the contents of another sheet in a dashboard. That sheet has a mark for each shape to draw and a color. I can access the DataTable represe...
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  • Can multiple dashboard extension instances share the same settings?

    I need to use the same extension on multiple dashboard instances.  However, one dashboard instance doesn't appear to see the settings from another instance.  Are multiple extension instances supposed to be ...
    Kris Davis
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  • How to install extensions on a local server

    Hi,   Due to the nature of our data, our company is exploring the possibility of hosting the extensions on our local server for our use, instead of transferring data to a 3rd party host. Is this possible and if ...
    Kavin Abelak
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  • How to capture a workbook name in Extension API

    Hi Experts,   I have a logger component which will logs about the download data extension usage across various dashboards which are published to Tableau Servers. I am capturing info such as dashboard name, work...
    Vijayakumar Krishnan
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  • get identifier for workbook instance

    Is there a way for an extension to discover the name and path, or some other identifier, for a workbook instance?  That is, a way to check if a desktop workbook instance is a copy of a prior workbook.  I hav...
    Kris Davis
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  • How do I use Extensions to change the value of a parameter dynamically

    What are the steps to use Tableau Extensions to change the value of a parameter in my dashboard to be the value of a field in one of my data sources? Thanks
    Hamid Yazdi
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  • Tableau UI - Custom Color

    Hello everyone,   I'm actually working on a small internal extension (For comment Views and Dashboard). All our Dashboards have a really branded visual, especially in terms of color. (Pink)   I would real...
    Thomas OLIVIER
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  • My extension gets all the parameters in my .twbx file, not the parameters of the dashboard where my extension is located.

    chen jiayi
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  • Allow Extensions

    I am using Export All Extension & enabled on the Server with full data Access. Issue : Every time I open the dashboard, I am getting this pop up, Is their any option like 'Dont show this again'?  
    Naveen Vanaparthi
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  • Extensions failing to load in Stories

    Hey, Does anyone know of any Extensions API changes in 2019.3 that would cause Extensions to fail to load on Dashboards incorporated into a Story? Specifically I'm encountering the issue in Desktop, though I haven't...
    Andrea Gossett
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  • Dynamic Parameter Extensions

    Hi Keshia,   Good Day!   We have downloaded the dynamic parameter extensions from the extensions Gallery and unzipped it in my local machine. I have followed the steps mentioned in the Github page to conf...
    Vijayakumar Krishnan
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  • Data driven parameter -- not function for some users

    Keshia Rose   Hi Keshia,   Thanks for your amazing extension! it's so handy and helpful.   However, we found this extension does not work for some of the users on our server but can work for me/some ...
    Loretta Xia
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