• selectMarksByValueAsync is not working when trying de select the selected mark by using tableau.SelectionUpdateType.Remove. Please let me know how to do a deselection of selected mark from the extension API

    selectMarksByValueAsync is not working when trying de select the selected mark by using tableau.SelectionUpdateType.Remove. Please let me know how to do a deselection of selected mark from the extension API
    Kajol Arora
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  • Dashboard Extensions by tableau not able to configure in desktop

    hello,   I want to test some dashboard extensions and have downloaded two instances of dashboard extensions by tableau (Data driven parameters and date updater) from the Extensions gallery. When I bring either o...
    Kevin Moreno
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  • Is it possible to override Tableau's default loader when calling the getUnderlyingDataAsync() method?

    I am using a custom extension whose purpose is to fetch data from a worksheet and render the data in a data table component. Calling the method takes over 15 secs since the worksheet contains a significant amount of d...
    Nao Masuda
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  • Is it possible to translate data on dashboards to another language using Tableau Extensions API?

    I've created one dashboard and it's source data is in english language Now i would like to translate it into french or some other language using Extensions API of tableau. When user select the language dashboard data ...
    leela chaitanya
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  • parameter changed event is not working on server

    Hi, I created a Tableau dashboard extension to add a event handler to parameter changed event.  In my Tableau workbook I have dashbord A and B. When user selects a mark in dashboard A, a paramer will be changed...
    Albert Hu
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  • Is a extension loaded before the tableau dashboard is loaded?

    I have a problem where the extension loads and tries to read a sheet which contents are the calculated field USERNAME() and it is returning null.   This only happens on Tableau Online. My theory is that the exte...
  • how to build our company's own extension gallery

    I have created many Tableau dashboard extensions using Tableau extension API. I want to build our company's own internal extension gallery, so we can share our extensions. But when in Tableau extension, when I clicked...
    Albert Hu
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  • Extension Error on initial load while open the workbook-> Tableau Desktop

    Getting the following error while open the workbook.   Error: internal-error: ExecuteCommand failed, with result: null Error: internal-error: ExecuteCommand failed, with result: null     at Tab...
    Sankar Veeraiyan
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  • Filter tableau dashboard with help of tableau extension

    Hi,   Can anyone suggest how can we filter tableau dashboard by changing values in tableau extension.   Thanks in advance.
    Sukriti Surawdhaniwar
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  • Report keep refreshing with date update extension when login as viewer site role

    Hello, Date updater tableau extension keep my report refreshing every second when my viewer tableau license logs in to view the report on the Tableau server. However, when I change my user site role to "Explorer". ...
    vitavas itthianuwat
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  • How to prevent MarkSelectionChanged from being triggered multiple times?

    How do I prevent the event MarkSelectionChanged from begin triggered multiple times?   It's not only, that is being triggered, it's being triggered extensively and growing and it's also not reproducible. Three ...
    Nicky Reinert
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  • Extension loads as a website, not as an extension.

    Hi there,   I have an extension which works great in one Tableau desktop environment (1), but differently in another (2) and I'm finding it difficult to troubleshoot what goes wrong.   In 1, the one that w...
    Marc Schønwandt
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  • Tableau Server fires three requests for the Extension

    Hi!   A recent problem I have noticed in workbooks that use Extensions, is that for some reason Tableau Server sends three GET requests to our webserver, of which two always fail:   There are 2 extension...
    Tom van Nes
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  • How to read the PromiseStatus value in DOM.

    Hi,   I am new to JS and trying to find out filters used in the dashboard using extension. I was just trying through DOM.   tableau.extensions.dashboardContent.dashboard.worksheets[0].getFiltersAsync().the...
    Swaroop Patil
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  • Extension - Export to excel not working on server

    I am trying to use export to excel extension in one of my dashboards and it is working locally on my machine, not on the server. when I test  from my machine I can see export all button being enabled   ...
    Numerouno A
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  • Authentication with Azure AD

    Hello,   i'm currently implementing an Azure AD login inside a Tableau Extension. We need this to get the users name and later on save personal settings based on that information. The Workaround with the calcu...
    Pascal Soehnlein
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  • When loading an extension to the dashboard, giant button shows up asking to "Click to load extension".

    How can I find the reason of this showing up? Only after clicking that, I can use the extension normally.   It looks like a debugger pause on chrome, but it's not because it's the extension that is just not loa...
    Bruno Gomes
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  • Extension doesn't work once published on Tableau Server

    Extension works perfectly on Tableau Desktop, but once published on Tableau Server after the initial load the extension doesn't respond to any event listeners and seems to "hung up".   The only thing I can see i...
    Matiss Seglins
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  • Tableau Extension: How to differentiate whether a dim/fact is on row or column field?

    I am trying to differentiate whether a particular dim/fact is placed on row or column field on a Tableau worksheet. Basically I am trying to create an extension that can download the worksheet data as it. The current...
    Rohan Singh
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  • Error with write-back extension in Google Sheets

    Hi All,   I am working on a write-back extension which updates/inserts data to google spreadsheet. I have setup the configuration as suggested in Tableau Write-back Extension  and  Tableau Write-back E...
    Sanket Kelkar
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