• Copy to Clipboard button

    Is there a supported copy to clipboard function?   Tried to implement a copy to clipboard button using the document.execCommand("copy"); method from here How To Copy to Clipboard but it did not work (alert is re...
    Matiss Seglins
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  • Getting the error : Failed to load response data when trying to call extension from internal server.

    Getting the error : Failed to load response data when trying to call extension from internal server. Works fine from Tableau desktop. Extensions loads fine in Tableau desktop but not in server. All permissions and s...
    Rajeev Marwah
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  • Slow load time

    Hi,   When we add en extension which pull the data source/underlying data, it takes 30-240 seconds before the spinner goes off, until that the dashboard is not usable. Is there a way to make it run without block...
    Davis Varghese
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  • Using Typescript with the library

    Hello,   We want to use the library into a Typescript project, but there is no typescript description file. Do you know if something exists and where I could find it? Thanks by advance!   PS: wa are using...
    Marion Fio
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  • Date Update Extensions

    Hi,     Has anyone had experience implementing the date update extensions in Tableau? There's 2-3 of them. I've used the Data Updater one and it works great but there is one issue I am running into. It upd...
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  • Is it possible to translate data on dashboards to another language using Tableau Extensions API?

    I've created one dashboard and it's source data is in english language Now i would like to translate it into french or some other language using Extensions API of tableau. When user select the language dashboard data ...
    leela chaitanya
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  • Data Driven Parameters - Not able to get all the fields in list

    Keshia Rose   Hi Keshia,   I have attached a sample workbook. I used the data source Super Store and created a sample worksheet and used that in the dashboard. I created a parameter Customer1. I used th...
    Raghu Gadiraju
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  • Allow Extensions

    I am using Export All Extension & enabled on the Server with full data Access. Issue : Every time I open the dashboard, I am getting this pop up, Is their any option like 'Dont show this again'?  
    Naveen Vanaparthi
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  • How to Write back on Oracle database and Excel?

    Hi Guys,   I am trying to use write back extension. And our requirement is we want to write back data in Oracle database table. Another similar requirement is to write back on Excel. Can any anyone share an e...
    Taranjit Kaur
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  • Extensions API - passing more than 1 payload and retrieving values from saved settings

    I've been playing around with Extensions API and if I have dialogue.js file with below code: $(document).ready(function () {       tableau.extensions.initializeDialogAsync().then(function (op...
    Matiss Seglins
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  • How to capture a workbook name in Extension API

    Hi Experts,   I have a logger component which will logs about the download data extension usage across various dashboards which are published to Tableau Servers. I am capturing info such as dashboard name, work...
    Vijayakumar Krishnan
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  • Export data to .csv format

    Hi Experts,   We have taken the leverage from Extensions Gallery Export to Excel extension and implemented it in our dashboards. We have many dashboards which have dataset ranges from medium to large size such ...
    Vijayakumar Krishnan
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  • My extension gets all the parameters in my .twbx file, not the parameters of the dashboard where my extension is located.

    chen jiayi
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  • Report keep refreshing with date update extension when login as viewer site role

    Hello, Date updater tableau extension keep my report refreshing every second when my viewer tableau license logs in to view the report on the Tableau server. However, when I change my user site role to "Explorer". ...
    vitavas itthianuwat
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  • Multiple extensions initialization

    We've created a custom extension which, by default, sets a parameter on the last month and then listens to the parameter change.   We need to include it in all (or almost all) dashboards of our workbooks, but th...
    Enrico Franchini
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  • Unable to pick the String Parameter using data driven parameters

    Hi All,   I am trying to configure Data driven parameters, but when i am trying to configure i am unable to see the string parameter which is created.   Please find attached screenshot for reference. Kindl...
    Ravikiran Sarala
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  • Configuring an extension to control WDC data fetching parameters

    Hey all,   I was wondering if there was a way to build an extension to control WDC data fetching parameters? I have been working with both, though it seems there isn't a way to configure the WDC through the sett...
    System Admin
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  • 'tableau is not defined' when I try to call function in Tableau Extension API JavaScript from React Component

    Good Morning,   I am new to the React and appreciated anyone can help me.   I am trying to call initializeAsync() in componentWillMount() from React Component, but it gives me the reference errors. See bel...
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  • how to Export data in excel format after clicking the export button using API

    Hi Experts,   I  have a requirement in my project where when a client clicks the export button the file should download in excel format and should save in a sharing path by default.   How can we do t...
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  • Can I access server functionality such as downloading as PDF from an Extension?

    I would like to build an extension that Prints (as in from a printer, not to screen) all sheets on a dashboard. Currently, I can click download, select as pdf, etc, etc 100 clicks later it prints.   Is there a w...
    Tom Smith
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