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Extensions API

Dashboard extensions give you the ability to interact with web applications directly in Tableau.
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Marco Riggio
Hi all, I would like to load a viz with an extension via js API but it doesn't appears. I'm trying with difference extension but the result is the same.     This is the js snipped to create a viz.… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Srinivas Yalamarthi
Hello,   Is there a option to disable dashboard extensions on tableau desktop, with versions prior to 2019.1. I checked this link but don’t see the option at least until 2018.3.4.     Thanks,… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Chandra Sekhar Yajjuvarapu
Hi All,   i hope you all are doing well, i have one quire regarding the Tableau Extensions.  i downloaded extensions from Tableau and added it in to safe list but my client not interested to use … (Show more)
in Extensions API
Neil Boughey
When we use the Data Driven Parameter extension in our dashboard, all users that have Viewer licenses do no seem to be able to get the parameter to update with the list of selection options. Doe… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Christopher Kalwa
I am using the data-driven parameters extension by Tableau to update a date parameter.   Is there anyway to format the date? By default it is fixed to "yyyy-mm-dd hh:nn". I was able to remove the… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Hi,     Has anyone had experience implementing the date update extensions in Tableau? There's 2-3 of them. I've used the Data Updater one and it works great but there is one issue I am running… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Magnus Hartvig Groenbech
Hi Everyone!   Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend! To start this week out with energy, i have a flaming question for all of you who are experienced with Extensions in Tableau.   Say im… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Kelly McGrady
Has anyone used this extension? is it worth it? Also does it create the annoying pivoted table or the true table that you see when it is in tableau? I would be really appreciative to anyone that can… (Show more)
in Extensions API
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