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Extensions API

Dashboard extensions give you the ability to interact with web applications directly in Tableau.
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Kevin Moreno
hello,   I want to test some dashboard extensions and have downloaded two instances of dashboard extensions by tableau (Data driven parameters and date updater) from the Extensions gallery. When I… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Pascal Soehnlein
Hello,   i'm currently implementing an Azure AD login inside a Tableau Extension. We need this to get the users name and later on save personal settings based on that information. The Workaround… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Bruno Gomes
How can I find the reason of this showing up? Only after clicking that, I can use the extension normally.   It looks like a debugger pause on chrome, but it's not because it's the extension that is… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Matiss Seglins
Extension works perfectly on Tableau Desktop, but once published on Tableau Server after the initial load the extension doesn't respond to any event listeners and seems to "hung up".   The only… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Rohan Singh
I am trying to differentiate whether a particular dim/fact is placed on row or column field on a Tableau worksheet. Basically I am trying to create an extension that can download the worksheet data… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Marc Schønwandt
Hi there,   I have an extension which works great in one Tableau desktop environment (1), but differently in another (2) and I'm finding it difficult to troubleshoot what goes wrong.   In 1, the… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Sanket Kelkar
Hi All,   I am working on a write-back extension which updates/inserts data to google spreadsheet. I have setup the configuration as suggested in Tableau Write-back Extension  and  Tableau… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Varsha Sen
Hi,   I want to add a custom pdf option which will get the data of all the worksheets and display it in the tabular format. I could achieve this. But is there any function which can get me the whole… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Geordan Keller
Hello,   My organization is considering developing a Tableau extension in order to provide write-back functionality so that users of Tableau Server can do things like define custom user groups and… (Show more)
in Extensions API
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