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Extensions API

Dashboard extensions give you the ability to interact with web applications directly in Tableau.
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Taranjit Kaur
Noticing upwards of 30 second delays when using Filter Bookmark extension via Tableau Server. We tried locally and it worked without issue. Is there perhaps a way to serve this from the Tableau… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Vatsal Aima
Hi all, I'd like to know is there a way to develop extensions using Python (not Js). Kindly, share a sample workbook for reference.   Warm Regards, Vatsal Aima
in Extensions API
Ben Bird
I am looking into using the auto refresh Extension found here:   Extensions/autorefresh.trex · master · brilliant-data / tableau-refresh-extension · GitLab   However the Extensions is sending a… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Tom van Nes
Hi all,   I have developed several Extensions so far. One thing I have diffculty with is unit testing the tableau part of the Extension. Since it is hard to simulate running in Tableau, it seems… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Hi,     Has anyone had experience implementing the date update extensions in Tableau? There's 2-3 of them. I've used the Data Updater one and it works great but there is one issue I am running… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Zale Zhao
Hi,   I am wondering if I want to use getUnderlyingDataAsync() function in my extension, will all users (regardless of user's role on Tableau Server) have the same ability to use the extension? Is… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Hiromitsu Matsuura
I want to get the current page number. And I think we can get it by using getNextPageAsync().   So I wrote attached code by using worksheet.getSelectedMarksAsync() as reference in Tutorial Part 4.… (Show more)
in Extensions API
James Kording
Hi Everyone,   I am currently using the biztory_dynamicdateparameter which works great.  The logic behind the extension is when a dashboard launches for the 1st time the extension sets the date… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Nicky Reinert
How do I prevent the event MarkSelectionChanged from begin triggered multiple times?   It's not only, that is being triggered, it's being triggered extensively and growing and it's also not… (Show more)
in Extensions API
Matiss Seglins
Is there a supported copy to clipboard function?   Tried to implement a copy to clipboard button using the document.execCommand("copy"); method from here How To Copy to Clipboard but it did not work… (Show more)
in Extensions API
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