• How to add parameters in Initial SQL

    Hello All,   I have some volatile tables that I created in Teradata. In Tableau with the Live connection I placed the volatile tables in Initial SQL and in my custom SQL i'm just doing a Select * from that Volat...
    Abhi Peddy
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  • How to set the default report using API

    Hi Expert, can u plz let me know how set and get the "Make this my start page" functionality using the API(Ref: attached image for more details). API code this will be appreciated.         Thanks...
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  • [C++] Data Extract API - "unresolved external symbol"

    Hello Tableau enthusiasts,   After being slightly disappointed with the performance of the Python version of the Data Extract API I wanted to try out the C++ version assuming it to have better performance. Howev...
    Tjalling Tolle
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  • How to calculate DateDiff for rows where dates are in different rows for same ID

    Hi All,   I have data in different rows for same ID, Dates are in different rows and varies based on Even type, now I want to calculate the Date difference for different eventtype and Date. Please let us know h...
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  • Customer Custom Portal to list reports hosted on github fails authentication

    Hey we are trying to set up a customer portal using node-js but when we try to connect with  our link we get an authentication error - 403 We use a reverse proxy to redirect to our internal tableau server. Ha...
    Eileen Keck
    created by Eileen Keck
  • An alternative to git/node/npm?

    I've spent three workdays trying to navigate the permissions issues (and buried files) associated with installing git, npm and node, and this seems like a relatively minor and silly place to get stuck, as I can't find...
    Chris Hinkelman
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  • Recording: Developer Office Hours for Tableau Server Admin Tools

    Developer Office Hours: Tableau Server Admin Tools – Performance analysis, monitoring and content validation – TabJolt, Scout and Replayer   Tableau has released various tools to enable Enterprise I...
    Amanda Boyle
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  • TSC Python Library isn't Returning Data

    Following the guide here: API reference  I'm using the Python TSC to pull a list of users from multiple Tableau servers.   The problem I'm having is when looping over the users returned, users.email isn't p...
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  • Tableau SDK log directory

    Has anyone installed Tableau SDK on RHEL distribution?   After installation we are trying to change log file location as mentioned here https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/api/sdk/en-us/help.htm#SDK/tableau_...
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  • Help for embedding Tableau

    Embedding Tableau content allows you to add the power of interactive visualization to external applications. Common use cases of embedding are: Tableau dashboards as components of line-of-business or vertical applica...
    Toby Erkson
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  • How to fetch huge lines of data using getUnderlyingDataAsync()

    We are using Tableau 10.2 and facing the application crash issue when trying to fetch data from an activesheet, while setting maxRows to zero in options. Able to fetch 22000 records when we set maxRows to 22000, above...
    Dinesh Sundaraneedi
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  • Embeded a Dashboard with filter options in a Webside

    Hi together,   my collegaue wants a link to a Dashboard with filtered datas. Example only the datas from today.   I can embeded a Dashboard in the webside, but the filter does not work. I always get all th...
    Lea Zimmer
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  • Tableau Extensions API (Beta) -- Write Back from Extension to SQL Server

    I have a dashboard extension that is an HTML Form with 3 input fields.  Currently it is hosted on npm locally and the javascript saves the values using SaveAsync()  and renders them in a table in the Extensi...
    Baxter Boe
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  • Tableau JS API 'onload' function for Visualizations

    I am currently writing a applications where I apply filters to a dashboard on the web using the Tableau Javascript API and one of the 'hacks' I am using to ensure the visualization loads is by adding a delay for examp...
    Charles Taylor
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  • Programatic Refresh of A Published Data Extract

    I have developed a process in python that updates data in a sql table when you hit a button in a web application. This is clicked at any time during the day. I then connect that table to a Tableau workbook (a live con...
    Jake Konovsky
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  • Authenticate and embed a tableau report

    Hi everyone. I am trying to embed/display a tableau report inside SharePoint online(cloud). I would like my code to authenticate the user and then display the report, so that the user doesn't need to enter his/her cr...
    Shashank Karam
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  • Tableau Sharepoint Web part -- Is it Possible to dynamically pass a value to "View Path"?

    I am using the Tableau Sharepoint Web part, and I would like to know if it is possible to have the user click on something in sharepoint and send a value to the "View Path".   Anyone done this? Any ideas?
    Thomas Rones
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  • Enter comments at row level in the dashboard

    Hi,   Can I do any customization on the report to provide the below functionality.   My users want to write some comments against each row in the report. It is a Tabular report.After entering the comments ...
    Philip George
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  • REST API Authentication and percent sign in password

    Hi all -   One of our customers put a percent sign (%) in their password to the Tableau Server, and the REST API fails authenticating. Do I need to escape the character somehow?   I think this question is ...
    Michel Roberge
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  • Extracting Revenue Data from Facebook API

    Is anyone here pulling revenue successfully? My experience has been the insights report does not have an 'out of the box' revenue field. Are you creating custom conversions? Really curious and excited to discuss possi...
    John Brothers
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