• How do i create distinct count for dimension

    Hi All   i need to display dimension value(NAME) in count(distinct),Please find the below image        Dimension range CNTD(Name) Level1 Level2 Level3 Grand Total Name one week 21 ...
    Kiran Timmasarthy
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  • Tableau dashboard in android webview

    Hi All - Is it possible to filter the tableau dashboard embedded in android webview? I would like to create an application wherein the user can filter the tableau dashboard using voice command. I a wondering if javasc...
    jai bot
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  • show labels for barchart with more than 3 measuers

    Hello!   I want to create a barchart comparing 3 measures in each year using "Measure Values" in the rows and filtering for the required measures in the filter shelf (Sales, Discount, Profit).   When I wan...
    Natalie Sobek
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  • Calculate average of last 3 weeks If revenue is Null

    Hi All,   I have tried with the Table calculation to get the Average of Last 3 weeks revenue, but when i tried to embed into If Statement, i receive the below error   I am receiving the following error, &...
    Aravind N
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  • Tableau very poor performance in IE11 and Firefox.

    hell community! we are using Tableau from last couple of months and very excited to integrate more embedded code with our exciting project. however, we are facing and dealing with some IE  and Firefox bugs and ...
    ish Khan
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  • Using API to create extract with Qualys data

    Has anyone used the API to connect to Qualys and import data to create a Tableau Extract?  I have researched the Tableau API to create and extract using Python and it works great. I am new to Python and in no way...
    Kevin Larson
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  • STORY_POINT_SWITCH event never run

    Hello, I'm having problem handling STORY_POINT_SWITCH event.   I've a web page that instantiate viz object and load a story.   I want to catch user interaction with Story Point navigation bar.   This...
    Stefano Roncalli
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  • Different Types of LOD Expressions

    Types of LODThere are three main types of LOD expressions. FIXED LOD: This expression computes values using the specified dimensions without reference to any other dimensions in the view. INCLUDE LOD: This level of ...
    Ram MVS
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  • How to include the folder name in the embed code?

    Hi Team,   We have an issue where in we have 2 project folders on our Tableau server 1. PROJECT 2. PROJECT-Sandbox   We publish a workbook to both these folders. Now when we see the embed code via (shar...
    Atul Bhagwat
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  • Multiple URL actions opening in same browser Tab

    Hello,   I have a dashboard which acts as an Index page and has URL links to all other dashboards in the solution. So the user opens this Index page and clicks on URL to access other dashboards. First click on a...
    Ashish Langote
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  • Publish tableau workbooks using python

    Hi,   I am trying to publish multiple tableau workbooks using python. I have many workbooks that are present in a folder and I want to publish it to tableau server using a python code that will upload the workbo...
    Sabari A
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  • Article on Map Box Integration with Tableau.pdf

    Hello All,   This article would help us the understand how we can integrate tableau with Mapbox.   Regards, Deepak
    Deepak G S
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  • TC17 Developer Track Overview

    Tableau Developer Platform Overview  TC17 is coming up in October and we've got a great track of sessions, a MASSIVE hackathon, and puzzle hunt planned as part of the conference's Developer Track. Tableau Senior...
    Amanda Boyle
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  • Request header field Token is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response.

    Hi!   We have a .Net web application with CanJS framework on the front end. I have some javascript code like below to connect to our Tableau server (V10) which is hosted on a different server.     ...
    Sreelatha Kandi
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  • Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check

    We have a .Net web application with CanJS framework on the front end. One of the features we'd like for our users to have is the ability to upload tableau worksheets from within the app without having to login to our ...
    Sreelatha Kandi
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  • Trust Authentication question

    I am just starting with Trusted Authentication, and I don't understand something. I get a ticket, then build embedded URL with that ticket. The ticket is good for just a few minutes.   What happens after the use...
    Allan Marcus
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  • (hopefully) Simple JS question

    Hello,   I'me testing the JS API. I can get tableau public to load, but not a viz on my server.   I changed a few items below to anonymize the script, but it's the essentially the same as I'm using. If I c...
    Allan Marcus
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  • Tableau View Login Automatically with OpenID Connect

    Hello- we are using OpenID to authenticate for Tableau.  This works fine, but when we embed a view in our application, the first time the page is access, Tableau prompts for a Log In.  Pressing that button p...
    Jim Rowe
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  • Publishing twbx with Live connection Via REST API does not work

    Hi,   I am able to publish my workbook with extract refresh(Without schedule) using Python and REST. But while trying to publish same workbook with live connection, I am getting an error Traceback (most recent ...
    narendra kommoju
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  • REST API - Query_Views_for_Site example code wrong?

    Hi folks, I'm relatively new to using the Tableau API and spent quite a bit of time trying to get the right syntax. I think the example code given in the current help documentation for "Query Views for Site" contain ...
    Jason Scarlett
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