• Difference between Data source filter, Context filter and Quick filter in Live Connection

    Hi,   I am using Tableau Desktop 10.3.1. I am analyzing the sql query for a report which has data source filter, context filter and quick filters using live connection.   Below is my data source having dat...
    Kiran Gajanand Anumalia
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  • Difference in outputs of date function

    date(right([Current Date], len([Current Date]) -find([Current Date], " " ) ))   where current date is a string. This above formula gives you a Continuous output. where as date([Current Date]) gives you a dis...
    appy srivastava
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  • Web Page Object throws error: 'undefined is not an object'

    I am having difficulty displaying a tableau graph i found on another site within my tableau workbook.  I created a dashboard and trying to use the web page object with this url:  Workbook: AAR Rail Traffic D...
    Tony Maroor
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  • REST API for TWB doesn't work for TWBX

    I can upload using the REST API for a TWB but when I use the same script for a TWBX file it fails. Do I need to change the string encoding for the request?
    Josh Thornes
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  • Connect Tableau with Apache Hadoop installed in Ubuntu which is in VM

    Hi I have Apache Hadoop cluster running in Ubuntu with Hive 2.1.1. I have Win10 and using Ubuntu on VM and whole cluster is there. I have to connect tableau with Apache Hadoop and Apache Hive. Can we do that? If yes,...
    Ajinkya Yelai
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  • Special characters in webdataconnector

    Hi All,   I am trying to pull data from REST API using Webdataconnector and i have problem in getting data from columns with special characters in it like column name is km/hr or Mr.   If i use table with ...
    padma k
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  • Document API missing features - self._remote_column?

    Hello Everyone,   I'm using the Document API to dump all the data source column metadata into XLS. the most important information however, seems to be missing - the remote (database) column... calculation is no...
    Matan Zittoun
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  • #DataDev Hackathon August 4-14 | Win a Free Pass to TC17

    Are you a developer that loves Tableau? Do you want to go to Tableau Conference 2017 for free? The Tableau Developer Platform team is excited to announce a virtual JavaScript API hackathon taking place August 4 –...
    Amanda Boyle
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  • Tableau Javascript API Fails to Load in IE 11

    Tableau Server: 10.3.1 Javascript API: 2.2.0 (note, problem also exists when loading viz_v1.js) IE: CO   When trying to load a visualization tableau.Viz constructor, it fails while trying to ...
    Will Fletcher
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  • Tableau Online - REST API Authentication

    I'm running into a problem I've been staring at for a bit... I'm attempting to authenticate via the REST api to Tableau Online so I can pull together some details on the data sources and connections used in various wo...
    Trevor Hunt
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  • Prevent Publishing to Server from Looking at Proxy Environment Variables

    I have Tableau 10.2 installed. I also have Anaconda and Python installed which requires HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variables to download packages, web scrape, etc. When I attempt to publish a Tableau workb...
    Cameron Taylor
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  • Tableau SDK Publishing to server, problem with https

    Hi,   I've downloaded and installed the Tableau SDK for Python (64-bit) Linux. It created the extract fine and it upload to our server without any problems.   When I try to publish to the client Tableau s...
    Joao Correia
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  • How to find current Sheet is active or not in Dashboard using java script?

    Hi,   I am integrating my dashboards in web application using JavaScript API & On slicing I want get current slicing sheet name. could please help on this.
    Nagarjuna Yadav K
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  • Embed Tableau Online View with Javascript API functionality

    I may be missing something ,but I've been reviewing the Javascript API documentation, and what I'm trying to do is simple: embed a visualization that is currently located on the Tableau Online server and embed it int...
    Josh Gallegos
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  • All worksheets download into single excel file

    Hi All,   I created dashboard(view) based on 3 worksheets(2 detail sheets, summary sheet). Now I want download dashboard into excel file from tableau server. But here I need 3 sheets to be in single excel file....
    last modified by santoshk.bommera
  • Write back feature in Tableau 10.3

    Dear Experts,   I'm trying to find if we have any write back feature in tableau. Say for instance I want to enter some data in a workbook that in turn saves it in the database and when I refresh my dashboard I s...
    Anitha p
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  • Tableau Embed Link Generator

    I created a little utility to create the old iframe links for Tableau Public viz's in case you're like me and the new JavaScript solution isn't working.   Tableau Embed Link Generator - Ben Sullins | Data Geek ...
    Ben Sullins
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  • Sharing workbook online (web)

    Hello, I need to publish a Tableau workbook in Google Cloud so users can access it on Google Cloud. Is there a way to publish/share the workbook without holding a Tableau Server/Online license? Obviously, I want to...
    Narbukra Lakina
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  • Implementing SSO for DB when logging in

    Hi Folks,   I have requirement to implement a SSO for data source when a user is logging into a worksheet in tableau Server.   i am aware of embed and prompt concepts in tableau while publishing, but in D...
    Aravind N
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  • Dynamic view creation through API call

    We have integrated Tableau into our application, there is a need where user can select dimensions, measures and chart type, using these details can Tableau generate a chart through an API call?. These reports/charts ...
    Yogeswaran Dayalan
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