• Return Summary Stats from R to Tableau

    Greetings - first post!   I am brand new to R - I'm trying to access and display the summary statistics in Tableau, from a regression in R. The code is following:   SCRIPT_REAL("   PassFail <- fa...
    Dale Foo
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  • Could not locate unexpired trusted ticket

    I have a very basic ASP.NET/C# web portal that handles logging in a user,  then reaches out to my Tableau server for a ticket, and loads a Viz in an iframe.   It works perfectly well, every time, from withi...
    Mike Labman
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  • REST API - List of Workbooks for a project

    I see several items (projects, datasources, views for workbook) etc. can be queried by site/project/workbook id, what I don't see anywhere is a method in the API that allows a fetch of workbooks for project or site wi...
    Peter Jones
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  • JavaScript API

    Hi Experts,   how can i pass filter from javascript api to tableau dashboard(Ex: category filter).please help to me on this.     Thanks, Babu@
    V Babu
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  • Autopublishing of Tableau workbook Using Python REST APIs

    Hi,   we want to Automate the process of publishing tableau workbook to Tableau server using python REST APIs . we got success while publishing .twb workbook having live data connection and .twbx workbook having...
    Nikhil Srivastava
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  • Check DB connection details of Tableau Workbook in Tableau Server using API

    Is it possible to check the Database connection details a workbook in Tableau Server using Tableau document API. and if possible to update connection details?
    Rohan Singh
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  • Editing Data Source table, the old columns are not removed.

    When edit a Web Data Connection, if the table columns are changed on same table, the old columns from previous post is not removed. This is not happened on Tableau Desktop 10.1.6, but it is happened on version 10.2.0.
    Kuang Chou Lin
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  • How does Tableau handle authentication details when publishing WDC DS's to server

    Hi all,   We are looking into building a WDC to facilitate opening up access to our API and I would like to understand how the whole process handles the API authentication?   When navigating to the WDC (in...
    daniel leader
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  • Having a issue connecting elasticsearch connector to Tableau.

    Hi   I am facing the issues in installing elasticsearch connector on my local machine. I am following the steps detailed on the below link. GitHub - mradamlacey/elasticsearch-tableau-connector: Tableau Web D...
    raghavendra N
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  • Interactive tools in Tableau

    Hi All, I am developing an interactive tool in Tableau environment. I have a server where I would like to keep all my data. I would like to perform most of the calculation in my server (specially subsetting). For e...
    Debasish PaiMazumder
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  • Overide the loading animation in a iframe tableau

    Hello,   Actually i'm using the tableau javascript api with angular2 and typescript, the result are good, but i wonder if it's possible to ovveride ( or hide ) the loading animation when i use the filter.  ...
    Andrianifahanana Mahefa
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  • tableaudocumentapi change table name

    Hi,   I'm using the tableaudocumentapi to change the datasources for my workbook.   I'm able to change the server or dbname, but what I really want to do is to change the table name.   I also read a...
    jiayi zhang
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  • can we get the logged in user detail from tableau?

    Is it possible that when a user Logs In the user Id can be stored in a database and then the respected view for the user could be shown or the user specific settings can be shown ?
    nitika joshi
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  • Database Name

    IS there a way to get the database name or the entire database connection string from a function in Viz. Either by Pass Through Query or otherwise. I want to be able to display the database name automatically and the ...
    Puneet Neotia
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  • how to allow another user to subscribe others

    While I am able to subscribe others, how do I allow another user to be able to subscribe others as well?  When my team member who will be in charge of subscriptions tried to subscribe others, he could only subscr...
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  • Publish workbook with Datasource (tds) file

    Hello,   I have created a workbook connecting to a data source (tds) file. I am using Tableau rest api using c# to publish the file to other environments and our database is SQL Server. I am trying to publish in...
    Rahul Mishra
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  • Calling the JavaScript API from node.js?

    Hi All,   I am trying to work out a way to access the JavaScript API from node.js.  I know, I know - this is a client-side API which I'm trying to access server-side . However, my goal is to create a node.j...
    Stuart Fieldhouse
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  • Unable to load the following URL: http://tableau/

    We have a web data connector and Tableau Public. After I save workbook at Tableau Public I am not able to refresh or edit data connection. Unable to load the following URL: http://tableau/
    Aidis Stukas
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  • How to convert this logic into tableau? this is Hive Query

    SELECT cldr_date FROM dt_table WHERE dt_table.cldr_date > DATE_SUB(TO_DATE(FROM_UNIXTIME(UNIX_TIMESTAMP())),365) AND dt_table.cldr_date <= TO_DATE(FROM_UNIXTIME(UNIX_TIMESTAMP())))   Please give any idea.
    prasanth kumar
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  • We need to post values in to database

    Hi Tableau Guru's,   We are implementing writeback in tableu. For this we implemented webservice to update back the database table for one single value. but our requirement is such that we need to update multipl...
    Rajendra Prasad Bojja
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