• Dashboard hyperlink not working

    Hi,   Please see attached workbook wherein I have presented sample revenue and pipeline data. I have created 2 dashboards - one for revenue and another for pipeline. The colors in the cells under revenue dashboa...
    Prakash A
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  • Tableau SDK Exception when loading in a datasource

    I have been using the Tableau SDK to load in an extract and read the table definition and I have managed this for the most part.   extract_def = Extract(path=path_to_existing_extract) table = extract_def.openTa...
    Vathsala Achar
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  • How to determine argument length correctly in TabPy?

    Hi,     I am struggling to determine the length on an argument correctly in TabPy.   Simplified I have a crosstable, where one dimension is not fully populated. Classic Tableau works perfectly as in...
    Marcel Flygare
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  • Can't get a table calculation to report correctly on report

    I have a table calculation that no matter how I sort the order of the Dimensions, the running total is not correct. It seems that it wants to include the dimension "CPTCode" in the calculation but I need it to exclud...
    Janine Brazell
    created by Janine Brazell
  • Not able to fetch different sheets from a single CSV file

    Hi Team,     I am looking for fetching data from different sheets from a single CSV file into tableau.   Example: Consider a CSV file "Sales_Data" which has different sheets or tabs namely Sales, Retu...
    Yamini Raju
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  • Tableau Dashboard refresh each 5 min

    Hello.   I have a dashboard that needs to be refreshed each 5 minutes and showed in a TV.   Someone has an example to send me?   Thank you
    Joao Gutheil
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    sumanth b r
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  • Sharing workbook online (web)

    Hello, I need to publish a Tableau workbook in Google Cloud so users can access it on Google Cloud. Is there a way to publish/share the workbook without holding a Tableau Server/Online license? Obviously, I want to...
    Narbukra Lakina
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  • Open source wrapper for Tableau SDK in Python to create and publish .tde

    Hi all,   I have published a library TRExt - (Tableau Refresh Extract) to create a tde from a table or a view on a database (needs testing on all databases) and publish to tableau server.   The API is pret...
    Vathsala Achar
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  • D3 Charts in Tableau

    Hi All,   Can anyone help me to integrate d3 charts in tableau? I would like to get the steps for integrating D3 Charts into tableau. If you have any document please share it.   Thanks in Advance.
    Kanmani Kumarasamy
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  • Switching Tableau Viz using JS API in React

    I'm working on a portal using React. When I first select a Tableau Viz to render, it works fine. However, if I select another Tableau Viz (from a different site or workbook, or the same) to switch to, the "old" Viz re...
    Johann Quassowski
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  • REST API for TWB doesn't work for TWBX

    I can upload using the REST API for a TWB but when I use the same script for a TWBX file it fails. Do I need to change the string encoding for the request?
    Josh Thornes
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  • tableau data extract from SQL

    Hi,   I want to use a command line executable that takes a SQL table in MSFT SQL SERVER and writes it into a TDE file.   I have been looking at this: Tableau Data Extract Command-Line Utility   How...
    Daniel Fernandez
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  • authentication in javascript for tableau server

    hi everyone.i want work with javascript and receive data from worksheets.anyone have similar experience?i want give data from tableau and make charts by d3.js.but i cant connect tableau server in javascript.i wriet th...
    Reza Kadivar
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  • Programatic Refresh of A Published Data Extract

    I have developed a process in python that updates data in a sql table when you hit a button in a web application. This is clicked at any time during the day. I then connect that table to a Tableau workbook (a live con...
    Jake Konovsky
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  • java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError with Tableau SDK on Linux

    Hi,   I am running a Java-based web app that is using the Tableau SDK v 10.2.1 to create an extract.  The SDK is installed via an rpm for Red Hat 64 bit.  LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set through a script in /et...
    Brandt Pruett
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  • Enter comments at row level in the dashboard

    Hi,   Can I do any customization on the report to provide the below functionality.   My users want to write some comments against each row in the report. It is a Tabular report.After entering the comments ...
    Philip George
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  • Return Summary Stats from R to Tableau

    Greetings - first post!   I am brand new to R - I'm trying to access and display the summary statistics in Tableau, from a regression in R. The code is following:   SCRIPT_REAL("   PassFail <- fa...
    Dale Foo
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  • Could not locate unexpired trusted ticket

    I have a very basic ASP.NET/C# web portal that handles logging in a user,  then reaches out to my Tableau server for a ticket, and loads a Viz in an iframe.   It works perfectly well, every time, from withi...
    Mike Labman
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  • REST API - List of Workbooks for a project

    I see several items (projects, datasources, views for workbook) etc. can be queried by site/project/workbook id, what I don't see anywhere is a method in the API that allows a fetch of workbooks for project or site wi...
    Peter Jones
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