• I am not able to remove Grid Line in Donut chart.

    I have created Donut Chart for one of Dashboard, When i hover over the chart, I would like to remove angle lines from inside of the Donut chart. I have tried to remove from Formatting and shading but not been able to....
    Abhay Kumar
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  • Tableau communicating with Salesforce unidirectional or bidirectional?

    Tableau uses Salesforce API to connect to underlying data. Is communication between Tableau Desktop and Salesforce.com unidirectional or bidirectional? Once this Salesforce connection with embedded credentials is pub...
    Akshay Netalkar
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  • JS code for Tableau API

    Hi All,   I am working on Tableau hierarchical filter creation using javascript in html, I want to pass the values from a XML file to Tableau Report Filter   Eg: I have Product data in a XML file and i am ...
    Aravind N
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  • STORY_POINT_SWITCH event never run

    Hello, I'm having problem handling STORY_POINT_SWITCH event.   I've a web page that instantiate viz object and load a story.   I want to catch user interaction with Story Point navigation bar.   This...
    Stefano Roncalli
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  • Can I get Mark Data using getDataAsync methods

    I am trying to use the getDataAsync() methods (ie getUnderlying data and get SUmmary data) to fetch a list of marks in our viz.   I get all the data back but it does not include our marks. I dont have the abilit...
    Moshe Gottlieb
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  • What precisely is Tableau trying to do when it encounters "Incorrect data type"?

    I am currently writing a server for the TDS protocol (other examples of servers are: SQL Server), which provides a front-end for disparate ODBC clients within a large bank. Tableau is able to connect to it using the M...
    christopher done
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  • Integrate Tableau in Angular

    Hi everyone,   In Tableau Do we have any API with which we can create Sheet or workbook   Thanks in advance   Message was edited by: vrushali lalsangi
    vrushali lalsangi
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  • Tableau SDK: TDE file generation

    we are building spring batch based app to generate TDE files. Connects to database and retrieve data Write to a TDE file using SDK This runs once a day   Here are the problems we are running into to After fe...
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  • Tableauserverclient library install issue

    Hi. I created a python script which deletes Tableau users from the server.  Site administrators can run it and it prompts them to enter their site name, user name and password.   I just tried to put it on ...
    Barbara Knowles
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  • Automate csv download using GET to "https://...some-view.csv"

    Hi folks   I'd like to build a GET request that will make use of the csv download feauture described in Exporting CSV Made Simple | Tableau Public to serve datasets like an API using our Tableau server.  ...
    Jake Bouma
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  • Tableau automatic output to PPT?

    Hello,    I know  with the JavaScript API on Tableau server, as I can denote a button that will export as PDF, is there a functionality that I can replicate that to export to PowerPoint?   Wond...
    Enrique Monge
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  • How to migrate workbook using Custome SQL to Netezza

    Hi All, in our Tableau server almost 25 dashboards created using a database(XXXX) in SQL Server using a custom SQL.   Soon  database(XXXX) (SQL Server) will be decommissioned and we need to migrate all the...
    ravindra babu
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  • TSCL with IronPython

    Did anyone try working on the Tableau Server Client Library from Ironpython. My Aim was to create a user interface so that we can login to the server and perform the operations on click of buttons rather than using th...
    Vinod Vayalamkuzhi
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  • Not able to apply date time parameter from custom gui

    Hi All,   I am using tableau embed. I am able to apply string parameters values from custom gui to tableau workbook but not able to apply date time value in date time parameter.   I am using date time inpu...
    pinki sharma
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  • show labels for barchart with more than 3 measuers

    Hello!   I want to create a barchart comparing 3 measures in each year using "Measure Values" in the rows and filtering for the required measures in the filter shelf (Sales, Discount, Profit).   When I wan...
    Natalie Sobek
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  • Tableau very poor performance in IE11 and Firefox.

    hell community! we are using Tableau from last couple of months and very excited to integrate more embedded code with our exciting project. however, we are facing and dealing with some IE  and Firefox bugs and ...
    ish Khan
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  • Using API to create extract with Qualys data

    Has anyone used the API to connect to Qualys and import data to create a Tableau Extract?  I have researched the Tableau API to create and extract using Python and it works great. I am new to Python and in no way...
    Kevin Larson
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  • How to include the folder name in the embed code?

    Hi Team,   We have an issue where in we have 2 project folders on our Tableau server 1. PROJECT 2. PROJECT-Sandbox   We publish a workbook to both these folders. Now when we see the embed code via (shar...
    Atul Bhagwat
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  • Multiple URL actions opening in same browser Tab

    Hello,   I have a dashboard which acts as an Index page and has URL links to all other dashboards in the solution. So the user opens this Index page and clicks on URL to access other dashboards. First click on a...
    Ashish Langote
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  • Publish tableau workbooks using python

    Hi,   I am trying to publish multiple tableau workbooks using python. I have many workbooks that are present in a folder and I want to publish it to tableau server using a python code that will upload the workbo...
    Sabari A
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