• Troubleshooting calling procs in Tableau

    dbo.sp_testdatereturn Here is a simple example of what I am trying to do.    I will like to call the proc dbo.sp_testdatereturn from tableau, pass a date parameter, and then have the data source return...
    Mike Planting
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  • Can't catch exception: "Cannot cast object to type tab.IJsApiMessageHandler"

    Has anyone encountered this exception before?  I'm embedding a Tableau dashboard in a 3rd Party platform (SAP Business Objects Design Studio, if you must know), and I encounter this exception on a semi-regular ba...
    Raleigh Chen
    created by Raleigh Chen
  • Tableau SDK Create Extract stopped working after working fine for many months - TableauException (304): Invalid Extract handle

    I have an existing Python process that uses Tableau SDK to create a .tde file.  This process has run fine for several times day for more than 8 months, but it stopped working on 5-JUL-18 and now throws the error ...
    Evelyn Chan
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  • Set filter and publish with Python - Is this possible ?

    Hello everyone,   Is it possible to set filters then publish workbook with tableau server client in Python ?   Basically I want to update what the end user will be shown by default when they get to the vie...
    Gregoire Namlo
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  • Downloading Extract API 2.0 older/newer versions

    Due to a filename handling bug on Linux in 10.5.3 of the Extract API 2.0 (as mentioned in this post: Extract API 2.0 10-5-2 not working for Linux Java (64-bit) ), I need to get either the 10.5.4 maintenance release or...
    Paul Nicolson
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  • Python integration with Tableau - NLP tokenization

    Hi,   I am trying to use TabPy to analyze text data in Tableau. I wanted to break down the text into words(tokenize) and then create their frequency counters using Python calculations.     I was able ...
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  • Can I filter query views with the server Python client?

    When requesting the CSV, PDF, or PNG of a view on Tableau Server, the Server REST API allows you to pass in filter values as documented at the bottom of this page. An example would be:   GET /api/api-version/sit...
    Matt Coles
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    Hi guys,   Recently, we have upgraded Tableau Desktop and Server from 10.0 to 2018.1. Everything were tested working fine and upgraded on PROD. Couple days after the upgrade, a user notice a dashboard is showing...
    Howie Fu
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  • Tooltip displaying at the top left of Viz

    All the views I embed in my asp.net application display the tool tip at the top left of the viz as opposed to where the mouse is hovering. How can I fix/change this? I would expect the box to appear next to the hand/...
    Rob Pel
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  • Tableau Extensions API (Beta) -- Write Back from Extension to SQL Server

    I have a dashboard extension that is an HTML Form with 3 input fields.  Currently it is hosted on npm locally and the javascript saves the values using SaveAsync()  and renders them in a table in the Extensi...
    Baxter Boe
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  • Tableau API to POST the Data

    Hello Everyone,   Can we use Tableau APIs to POST the Data. In This case please help me to know the data format and calling mechanism. Need help as its one of our client's requirement.
    Mansi Bhandari
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  • What a Tableau developer does ?

    Hello Folks,   I am new to the IT industry and to Tableau forum. While I was exploring options to find a career for myself in IT, I figured out that I enjoy statistics and data visualization and eventually most...
    Sanjay  Sudhakar
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  • What job skills should publishers have to build Tableau Extensions?

    What types of skills should publishers acquire to build Tableau Extensions?  I have publishers asking what they should focus on learning.  Do they need JavaScript, Python, HTML, C#, .trex, other?  Are t...
    Rod Menken
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  • Rest API signin keeps on giving 401001 Signin error

    Hi,   I have read numerous posts on this forum and others, I have read through the documentation several times, but still while trying to login to the Tableau using the REST API, I keep on getting errors. I have...
    Sarge Woods
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  • Bug with Tableau Python SDK Extract API on Ubuntu

    Hi everyone,   I've come across a potential bug with the Python SDK Extract API on Ubuntu. It occurs intermittently and usually happens when I am processing larger datasets (1M+ rows).   terminate called a...
    Andrew Mendoza
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  • How are access tokens used in Tableau-OpenID Connect Integration for Single Sign On?

    Helllo, My question is mainly about OpenID Connect's auth code flow and how it works after authentication and recieving an access_token and id_token. Basically, I am working on an integration between a simple web appl...
    Tom Pedron
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  • "No module named model_selection" error when calling Python from Tableau Desktop

    I've successfully installed Python 3.6 to my PC and can run sample codes on jupyter notebook. But once I try to re-create it in Tableau, "No module named model_selection" error prevents me from going further.   ...
    Kaz Kida
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  • Python TSC error when trying to create new user

    I'm fairly new to the Python TSC and having an issue trying to create new users through the API.  I can successfully connect as admin, get the list of projects, create new projects, and get the lists of users....
    Kurt Slater
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  • Updated TWB and then Zipping TWBX?

    Hello all,   I have been asked recently to update some workbooks nightly but I have isolated a problem with the publishing process.   I am currently unable to publish my twbx files after zipping them up. H...
    Mark Pelletier
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  • How to pass the token user via Post

    Hi guys, i need to deploy my webapp as a link inside the tableau server. The idea is that the user can login into the platform tableau and see both their dashboards and a link to an external webapp. All the users a...
    daniele menzaghi
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