• Embedding multiple dashboards using JavaScript API

    I am trying to embed multiple dashboards into a web page following this instruction: Tableau JavaScript API - Tableau I replaced the 3rd step by function initViz() {    var containerDiv1 = document.getElem...
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  • Tableau Server client :- datasources.get method

    I am using TSC datasources.get method sample code provided by Tableau support (API reference ) as below but this get method is not listing ALL the datasource in my Tableau server and listing only around 60% of datasou...
    Surendra Yeluri
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  • Can we customize CSS, JS in tableau onilne.

    I have created one html file to viz one dashboard of tableau online. To auto refresh the data I have used following function . setInterval(function () {viz.refreshDataAsync() }, 3000); Actually , I am facing  ...
    Rutuja Uttarwar
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  • Unable to query Job via REST API for incremental refresh

    Hello, I am unable to query a job ID (see step 2. below) via the REST API (version 3.0) for an incremental refresh after running an extract refresh task.   Can someone kindly assist with how I can successfully q...
    Robert Bress
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  • JS Extension - save logs in tableau

    Hey guys,   I have an extension in the server, so all the users can work with it. I want to save the logs of the extension, (regular logs and also custom logs) in the server. But I didn't find a way to do it. &...
    yair hadad
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  • Connector SDK - Modifying Tableau's SQL

    We're building a custom connector for our database based on the Postgres dialect and jdbc. There are a few things that Tableau does with the SQL that don't work within our database. I'm wondering if there is a way to ...
    Dylan Murphy
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  • Control and run a python script from Tableau, ingest resulting data ?

    Dear all,   I'd like to create some sort of "app" (for want of a better word) which should do the following - set some steering parameters (maybe 10-20) - pass them on to a python script, run the script (e.g. ...
    Ulrich Kerzel
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  • Timeline for SSO support on Connector SDK

    Looks like the Connector SDK will eventually support SSO   connector-plugin-sdk/tcd_latest.xsd at 45765c93b823f3c2801d1ce8d2832727c419278b · tableau/connector-plugin-sdk · GitHub   Is there a ti...
    Bora Beran
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  • TSC Library to create Sites

    Good Afternoon   I am successfully creating Sites using the Python TSC library and that works fine.  I have a requirement that any new sites created must have the guest access disabled by default.  ...
    mohammed rafaquat
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  • Ask data not showing anything when publishing datasource programatically

    Hi,   I used sample code from Tableau hyper API to create a data source. It's pretty straightforward code, nothing unusual: def run_insert_data_into_single_table():     """     An e...
    Kevin Sallee
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  • Custom Connector and New Custom SQL

    Hello,   I've created a new custom connector based on our jdbc driver and the postgresql dialect. I'm able to connect to our database, but I'm not seeing the table information. I thought I'd try to pull some dat...
    Dylan Murphy
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  • Unable to filter view image

    Hi,   I'm using the below script in python to set a filter in  the view and download a .png image of the view.   However the script downloads a .png image but without applying any filter.   ...
    Dani masti
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  • Retrieving the selected values in a filter

    Hi all,   I have been trying to find a way to retrieve the selections of a filter when it is changed. For example, if there is a filter with the following values: "ALL", "Blue", "Orange", "Green", with the bold ...
    Angel Macias
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  • Using Extract API 2.0 without setting PATH variable

    Hi everybody,   is it possible to use the Extract API in JAVA without setting the PATH variable ?   I downloaded and extracted "extractapi-x64-2018-2-0" for Windows from https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/curr...
    Walter Beking
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  • Sorting after adding dimension and viewing as hierarchy

    Hello ALl,   I have the data as below with hierarchy, when I collapse and sort the data with respect to Stage name works, But I need now to be sorted with respect to sub stage too on selection of stage name and ...
    Rajiv ranjan
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  • Custom Tableau odbc Data Connector with sso support

    In Tableau desktop, is there a way to add a "custom" authentication type (to support SSO both Oauth and SAML) like the one you can define in WDC so you can authenticate in the web component first but then continue wit...
    Mahmoud Bahaa
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  • Possible bug: 'delete extracts of embedded data sources from a workbook' endpoint errors if multiple extracts present

    Hey there,   This one's for the REST API dev team: the 'delete extracts of embedded data sources from a workbook' endpoint, which converts embedded extracts into live connections, may have a bug.   When I...
    Elliott Stam
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  • Unable to log in using Python and Rest API Need help

    Hello All,   I am on server version is 2019.1.   I am new to the REST API and new to Python. I am trying to trigger a schedule with the python tableauserviceclient using the rest API but I cannot get past ...
    Zach Porcelli
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  • Is it possible to create Pop up window in Tableau?

    Hi Friends,   I want to create popup window on dimension value.   Example: Emp_ID     Emp_Name       City 001       &...
    Maksud Ali Sheikh
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  • REST API devs: Get Groups for a User has a documentation error

    Hey, just posting this here for the Tableau Server REST API dev team.   I was messing with the new Get Groups for a User endpoint, and the documentation says it works on API versions 3.6+ but it does not work on...
    Elliott Stam
    created by Elliott Stam