• How to show selected month and next month of selected month in a single sheet

    Hi,   I need to show the data for selected month and next month of selected month in a single sheet.   Suppose if i selected apr-19, i need to show Apr-19 data as well as May -19 data in a single sheet. A...
    kusa Adigarla
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  • How to automate data source creation?

    Hi,   We have a requirement to create tableau data sources and publish them to our tableau server. We need to do this frequently and we do it the same way every time, so we would like to automate the process. &#...
    David Richardson
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  • Number of workbooks differ in metadta vs TSC

    Good morning,   I am running a script that connects to the api of Tableau via TSC, what is happening is that my number of workbooks in metadata is more than the one in the result of the script. What could be ...
    gabriela gonzalez wallis
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  • Automating Workbook Migration Checks with TabValidate

    The Challenge: Let's say that you have in place a workflow to move or deploy your Tableau Workbooks across sites or projects. You may want to know though, is my content truly ready to be migrated or deployed? How can...
    Christian Silva
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  • How to update server info in connection string in multiple workbooks on server

    Hi,   I'm trying to update server name in the connection info for multiple workbooks. Few of my workbooks have multiple embedded data sources. My below script is able to update new server name in some of the wo...
    Arun Yadav
    created by Arun Yadav
  • JavaScript API EventListner Filter Values

    Hello,   I am trying to store selected filter values from a dashboard which contains multiple sheets all sheets are utilizing the same data source and all filters apply across the entire data source:   ...
    Bahjat Kseibi
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  • Can we update tableau connection string via tableauserverclient api?

    Hello All,   My use-case requires me to update the connections of all those workbooks/datasources that are connected to certain Redshift databases on tableau server. I tested a script leveraging tableauservercl...
    Rahul Gandhi
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  • Show-Hide Worksheet for Ms Analysis Services

    Hi Tableau,   I have a question regarding how to show&hide worksheet in a dashboard. But it seems that it's not working for Ms analysis services data source.   What i've done usually with export sourc...
    rendi yanuar
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  • Data value is not same as data source.

    Hi,   The percentage in excel sheet 88.51% or 100.00% whereas in the tableau, the percentage reflects as 0.8856 or 1.0000.   I tried to change number (Decimal) to Number whole but it is still the same. &#...
    Pooja Jani
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  • Add multiple users, projects etc in one rest api call itself

    Hi   I would like to know how to add multiple \multiple users, projects etc in one rest api call itself . As of now i am able to do only one at a time.   Thanks
    Vishnu Murali Nambiar
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  • Extract of Data with filter applied

    I am using Tableau Desktop. My data source is Postgres Sql on Cloud. I have a filter applied using the add filter option. It uses a Parameter value to filter. When I try to create an extract of data so that I am not ...
    lokendra devangan
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  • Connection refused Error when connecting to Tableau Server database using python

    Hi All,   I am trying to connect to Tableau Server database using readonly credentials via python script. I am able to connect to the Tableau Server Postgres database successfully using psycopg2 python package b...
    Rahul Gandhi
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  • API - How to Query Workbooks Filtered by Project Hiearchy?

    Regarding Filtering and Sorting in the Tableau REST API - Tableau   One can query projects by Name, and also query workbooks by name. But one cannot query workbooks by name of project it belongs to. Why not, an...
    Kain Nanne
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  • Can I change projects permissions via the python API

    Hello expert developers,   I need to change projects permissions for different groups on different projects on a Tableau Server. The combinations are hundreds and it's thaking days to do it by hand.   Th...
    Luca Pescatore
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  • Adding key files for data source authentication in custom connectors

    We would like to create a custom connector that will perform Hive queries. The authentication requires a key file. JDBC driver will read this key file to authenticate. Is it possible to create a custom connector that...
    yunus durmus
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  • Datasource Connection Failure on Publish with Python REST API - 403007 Forbidden

    Trying to test a simple workbook publish workflow modeled after this sample: server-client-python/publish_workbook.py at master · tableau/server-client-python · GitHub   I have a single SQLServer DB ...
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  • Update Parameters in Tableau using python

    Hi, I have a tableau report which needs to be published to multiple servers. I am able to update tableau local connection through tableaudocumentapi but I am not able to update parameters through python. I tried Eleme...
    Kartik Kaushik
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  • Tableau connector SDK | .tdd for DATEPART function

    Hi!   I'm trying to modify .tdd to match my datasource, however i can't find what should i modify to stop Tableau generating DATEPART('year', field) I tried to modify this date-function:     <...
    Konstantin Sevastyanov
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  • Tableau Connector SDK - Query rewrite .

    Hi,   Our use-case is to rewrite the query seamlessly for the Tableau user behind the scenes.   If a query is Select col1, col2 from Table1;  we want to change it to(based on custom business logic) Se...
    Jaspaul Chahal
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  • Single Checkbox Parameters extension is not working with Tableau public

    Hi,   I am using the Single Checkbox Parameters extension https://extensions.tableauusercontent.com/sandbox/single-checkbox-parameters/singlecheckboxparameters.html to filter some of the dashboard data based on ...
    Maruthi Govindappa
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