• Using REST API / TSC to update a data source description

    Hello All,   I'm using the REST API and Tableau Server Client (Python) utilities to publish common data sources to all of the sites on our enterprise Tableau server. Everything is working fine except for the abi...
    Benjamin Torgesen
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  • getting traffic to views data with TSC rest api

    Hi everybody,   is it possible to get information about the traffic to views via tableauserverclient library? How can I access via tsc the data that feed the dashboard Traffic to views in the section Server Sta...
    Liborio Perciaccante
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  • Custom JDBC Connection - http1.x server error

    Hi - I'm trying to create a custom JDBC connection to SAS datasets but in general just trying to make a JDBC connection with a Custom JDBC Driver using the generic JDBC dialect (SQL92).   I get this error:  ...
    Jacob Kruse
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  • Publish Tableau Workbook not using Tableau server , Automate Workflow

    HI   Requirement : i want to deploy  the Tableau visualization workbook without using Tableau Desktop , Would like to automate the process Like to pick the Workbook from a location and publish using some ki...
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  • Creating an extract from MarkLogic not utilizing Hyper

    Hi,   I'm with MarkLogic and a customer of ours is experiencing difficulty creating an extract in Tableau. They have a database with 40M rows and from them: Tableau fills 12GB of memory on the client computer, b...
    Aaron Newberg
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  • Incomplete "IntervalItem" implementation in Python Tableau Server Client?

    I might be missing something, but the IntervalItem implementation of the Python Tableau Server Client seems to not have a working "start_time=time(hour, minute) and end_time=time(hour, minute)" implementation.   ...
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  • Error server.auth.sign_in(tableau_auth) - xml.etree.ElementTree.ParseError: mismatched tag

    Hello All! I'm having some trouble with signing in. Here is the sample standard code snippet I am using - replacing with dummy credentials/url . I am using tableauserverclient==0.8.1, due to some internal dependency c...
    Shrikant Lambe
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  • Rableau Server单点登陆问题

    Rableau Server支持那几种单点登陆?除了在官网上查到和Kerberos实现单点登陆外,是否支持keycloak、LDAP等单点登陆
    jinjun luo
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  • How to show worksheet/dashboard thumbnail in HTML portal

    - I have a reporting portal developed in HTML and javascript and embeded the tableau report using JS API - The list id growing, now i want to show the thumbnail in the home page and when user clicks the actual report...
  • Unable to use time filters on extracts created with the Hyper API

    Hello,   I'm having an issue when using the Hyper API to create .hyper files in tableau. A problem that arises with any hyper file created using the Hyper API is that you can't use a filter on a date time object...
    Adebola Akeredolu
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  • Custom Sql In Tableau

    Is it good to use Custom SQL queries in connection?
    Swetha Huralagere Naganna
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  • Can't get projects with ampersand in them

    The code below should create project "This & That" (it does) and then find that project (it does not. filtered_projects returns empty). I've confirmed that this is a problem with any project that has an ampersand ...
    Matthew Wilton
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  • Export All Tableau Dashboard Extension not working

    I downloaded the Export All dashboard extension and added it to my dashboard. I configured it (choose sheets, columns and custom label) When I click on the Export All  icon in the dashboard, it brings up a window...
    Jeff Green
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  • Issue: Values returned for Pre-Applied filters for Viz not always correct

    Hi All,   We are noticing a new issue with the embedded dashboards.  We pass a set of pre-applied filters while loading tableau dashboards into our app as shown below     viz = new window.tableau.V...
    Ankit Narsaria
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  • Automatic publish data sources and workbook

    Hey all,   I read many things, but I never found what I was looking for...I try to explain my issue. I've a workbook into which I've all what I need (calculation, dashboard...). For development I plug it on any...
    nicolas sinquin
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  • Como utilizar o Update Workbook Now?

    Prezados, quero utilizar a API Update Workbook Now e não sei como.   Li o material e o problema esta sendo montar a chamada de fora do tableau, alguem tem algum exemplo que possa compartilhar?   Fi...
    Eber Santos
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  • Tableau Server REST API Filter Users with No lastLogin

    Is there a way to query the REST API to return only users with no lastLogin field? While it certainly is possible to filter a returned list of all users based on this criteria, it would be nice if the server could han...
    Peter Schweitzer
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  • How can one determine if a datasource on a server is live or extract via the REST API or database query?

    How can one determine if a datasource on a server is live or extract via the REST API or database query?  I am a server admin and would like to be scan the datasources on our Tableau Server to determine which one...
    Peter Schweitzer
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  • Datasource Connection Failure on Publish with Python REST API - 403007 Forbidden

    Trying to test a simple workbook publish workflow modeled after this sample: server-client-python/publish_workbook.py at master · tableau/server-client-python · GitHub   I have a single SQLServer DB ...
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  • Cannot query dashboard image using API with CSV datasource

    I have 3 Views with 3 different datasource View 1 - Data source Gsheets View 2 - Data source Gsheet (different gsheet) View 3 - Data source CSV from google drive.   When I just have View 1 and View 2, I was a...
    Ryan Tin
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