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I'm going to blog about our journey from to very different licensing schemes that Tableau has for on-prem environments:  Core and Subscription.  I'm the lead Tableau Server administrator for our company and I'm also responsible for administering servers for Alteryx, Power BI On-Prem, and Alation.  Luckily I have two great coworkers in India that greatly help me so my time isn't a total flurry of spinning plates and juggling *****, however, I'm still very busy so these blog entries will not be heavy with finely-grained details.


Brief Backstory

It finally happened to the joy or our ever-persistent and forever-awesome Tableau sales representative*.  Behind the scenes my manager and our sales rep completed a nice deal where we will convert over from our core-based environment -- which is very overworked! -- to a subscription-based environment.  The largest benefit of this conversion is that we will no longer be constrained by hardware   My customers will benefit the most from this and I hope the ones on the east coast will experience improvements in access and rendering speeds.


The one big concern I have is our dependence on the Guest Access feature of a core-based environment.  We are part of a global company (our parent is in Germany) and we do get other geographies coming to our Tableau reports from time-to-time.  The Guest account is also used at some kiosks and locations that are displaying vizes to a group of people on a continuous basis.  So moving to a subscription-based environment where one needs a license in order to view content is going to be a tough "data is for everyone" pill to swallow.  However, as part of our conversion process and the need for Guest Access we will have a totally separate core-based Tableau Server but it will not be self-service because it will be a basic 8-core server.



Part of the package we paid for was Tableau Professional Services -- I'm glad my manager wisely did this.  They have plenty of experience and best-practices/recommendations with such exercises and they will be helping me through all of this, from architecture recommendations to making the switch to subscription-based licenses.  We are in a time-crunch and need to get this going quickly so in a few days I was assigned a Tableau Solutions Architect who will be working with me during my office hours   We can have a person on-site or teleconference, our choice, so I decided to use teleconferencing.


We had our first WebEx meeting this morning and to keep in the spirit of this huge step forward I wore my Tableau Ambassador socks   (see attached image).  Our conversation was just over 1.5 hours and our battle plan is getting formed.  More to come...




*Unfortunately, the day the purchase order was approved and we got the new licensing Salesforce assigned her to another account for no reason given to us.  Needless to say, I am very unhappy with that decision