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This year of 2019 has been gloomy for my Tableau world as I've been stuck with v2018.1.4 for a year   Why so far behind?  I have to move from our current but "old" VM (Virtual Machine server) running Windows Server 2008 to a new VM with a current Windows Server 2016 OS, the VM team could not upgrade the OS on the VM box plus it would wipe out everything on it (their words).  The new environment was not set up exactly like my current production environment like I requested so it's been a total hassle with me having to work with an IT department that leaves much to be desired.  However, were are a couple superstars that helped me and progress is happening.  Another time loss for me was taking on the additional server administration position of three new environments:  Alteryx Server 2018 (which is horrible software), Alation, and on-prem Power BI (because we have a couple thousand SQL Server databases so it's "free"...whatever ).


First, just a recent version upgrade test

I have the VMs setup and after different tests I'm finally ready for a real test drive.  Obliterating the primary and secondary servers I installed 2019.3.0 raw, meaning, no production backup restored, just the basic install and nothing more.  I want to keep it simple.  I installed 2019.3.0 first and nothing noteworthy about it.  Next came the first test (since it originally failed prior to some VM tweak) of the upgrade from 2019.3.0 to 2019.3.1 was just under 20 minutes.  Spinning up TSM was about 5 minutes.  So less than 30 minutes and I had upgraded versions!  That's fast compared to the versions prior to 2018.TSM.  Uninstalling 2019.3.0 took under 30 seconds.  Nice.


During the upgrade script I refreshed my TSM screen and got this:

Panic!  But I reminded myself that TSM was being upgraded so it would make sense that it would "fail".  I sat on my hands and waited.


After several updates in the command window I clicked the refresh button in the TSM browser window and got this:

Okay, that makes sense.  I like that kind of error message


The script popped this up...

...and I thought, great, this is gonna be a long one but it was only a couple of minutes and it continued on.  Yeay!


Restore a backup

Next, I restored our production backup.  That took an hour sitting at the 24% mark, 20 minutes at the 27% mark, etc. Here's an interesting bit, the necessary services required for indexing were spun up (75% mark) and here they are:


So we get an idea of the basic processes necessary to perform indexing

Okay, from stop to start if looking at it from TSM's viewpoint the total restore time was less than 100 minutes.  The complete output:

According to the Server Disk Space report my primary is 295GB and secondary is 168GB in size.  I happened to open the Background Tasks for Non Extracts and saw this big surprise!

Over 1.6K pending tasks!  And this is after an hour of the restore!  Scrolling through the list there was one line for One Time Enable Flows Site Settings OnPrem, one line for Enqueue thumbnails upgrade, and all the rest were Upgrade thumbnails.  Interesting.  Another reason for performing the upgrade during low peak times.



Actually, now I will blow it all away, downgrade to our current version, restore a backup, then upgrade to 2019.3.1 along with all the server config tweaks we use.  I expect things to flow smoothly now so there's no need for me to document it.  If anything surprising pops up I'll mention it.  If you have questions I highly recommend asking the in the Server Administration forum where you'll get a much better chance of someone answering it...and probably more knowledgeable!