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Check this out:


This was my production Tableau Server with 1.99TB hard drive that had only 403GB free space.  Wow, that is a poo-poo ton of usage!!  I was getting disk space warnings every morning when the automatic backup process was running.  While we are an extract-heavy environment I couldn't believe that I was actually running out of hard drive space when the biggest extract was 9GB and the majority of them were 1GB and less!  What the heck was going on?


I mentioned my situation with our Tableau tech representative and he asked if the drive was getting defragged and if cleanups were being performed.  I knew the drives on all instances were being defragged so that wasn't the issue.  Because I didn't want to lose TS (Tableau Server) history for debugging I wasn't performing cleanups.  I disliked the idea of doing a cleanup because of the information that is lost.  Archiving the files (.zip) is very inefficient and not ideal.  A db that is continuously being updated would be a better alternative.  Also, performing a cleanup with the TS stopped isn’t a good option as that, of course, would mean the TS is unable to do any reporting work.  Since it’s a production server running 24x7 any downtime is totally undesirable and will impact someone, somewhere


However, since I was gradually losing disk space I had to do something...


So I bit the bullet and ran a cleanup while the TS was running:


20 minutes later the cleanup was done and now here's what my free space looks like:


  WOW!  That was a LOT of log file and HTTP requests cleanup goin' on!!


Here's how my disk space usage looks now:


Quite an improvement, right?


An embarrassing but learning moment for me.  Performing a regular cleanup is a necessary routine the TS admin needs to perform.  How often depends on one's particular environment but once a month seems reasonable and that's what I was previously doing on our QA Server.


How to preserve the history in an efficient and easy-to-use format is a whole other subject; search the Server Admin forum for suggestions or leave a comment below on how you do it