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Looking over one of my blog posts, Tableau Server licensing & hardware upgrade , I can tell I was frustrated with my lack of server knowledge, both in terms of hardware and Tableau software.  Brandyn Moody did an admirable job of stating facts and providing a friendly & helpful reply -- something that I still need to work on


As a followup, our Tableau technical account representative has been getting Tableau Server health checks from us for the last few months and showing how things are trending in our environment.  We've also upgraded our hardware to 24 total cores, moved to a two-node environment with a dedicated 100% Backgrounder worker, and just last month upgraded to 10.5.2.  Thus the server health checks have been helpful in that they show a "before and after" of our whole environment with a focus on how it affects the end user, so we can see what is doing better (or worse), how things are trending, etc.  If you don't have a technical account rep. then ask your sales rep about one and getting a Tableau Server health check if you are lacking Jedi server skills.


Not to go unmentioned, our sales rep. stays in contact with me/us to make sure support tickets are getting the appropriate response times & priority, we're aware of any training and events, and working with our Tableau technical rep. to keep me, my users, and my manager all happy and productive.  Thanks Tableau for being easy to work with


Some examples from the health check: