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I saw it today on Twitter.  Someone who I consider a key player at Tableau, a self-admitted Tableau stalker, left the company.  Just time for them to move on.  We know the drill.

Last week...or at least sometime between now and the first of the year...two other great Tableau employees I knew had left the company.  There was a hint there are some more.


I grew up during, and into the end of, the "work for one company until retirement" paradigm.  As my work life has progressed that paradigm is no longer the expected norm.  Now, thanks to social media and job-focused media like LinkedIn, if people are not looking for a job they are still getting offers.  Having worked for a few contracting agencies this happens to me -- I stay in contact with them juuuuust in case as I learned early in my career that corporate loyalty to employees is an illusion, subject to immediate dismissal at their whim.  I as well left a great company because after a time there I knew my position was a dead-end so when a previous manager reached out to me for a professional skills growth opportunity I went for it (and thus was introduced to Tableau ) so I get it.


It saddens me to see such good people leave because I'll miss them.  It's like growing up with a friend during primary school and in high school their family moves out of town.  It's like having a sibling move out of the house.  Their absence is felt in the knowledge void left behind.  You get used to having these people around and using their knowledge to help others, heck, to help yourself, too!  The loss is magnified by the deeper product and tribal knowledge that goes with them.


I wish them well.  I know that the companies that now have them have gained an excellent resource.  Just know that you are missed.



Note:  I'm not diminishing their replacements.  This has nothing to do with them.  There's no doubt Tableau will do its best to replace them with great folks who could possibly <gasp!> be even better and I do look forward in meeting and interacting with them.


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