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One of my end users got this interesting message when she tried to open a workbook in Desktop:


Zip bomb - Wikipedia


The directory is an internal cloud location (and may be the cause); the idea of it is that no matter where you travel inside our company world-wide, your laptop will always connect to your 'personal' cloud folder where your files are kept, secure and backed-up.  Nice in theory but terrible for speedy Tableau execution!  I have a document that instructs my users on creating a local [to their computer] library where they can put their Repository.  Tableau opens more quickly when this is done and it becomes immune to network issues/congestion where the Repository is concerned.

This was a strange occurrence on our production Server so I decided to capture the incident just-in-case.


5:58AM -- I logged on to our Server, 10.0.1, and went to the Project of the workbook to delete.  I clicked the ellipsis for the workbook, selected Delete..., and clicked the red Delete button.  The screen refreshed but the workbook was still present.  Odd.  So I clicked the ellipsis again, selected Delete..., and clicked the red Delete button again.  The screen refreshed, the workbook was gone, but I got the pink error message at the top of the screen.  I clicked on the Details link and got the below:

So it would seem that the workbook did get deleted the first time but somehow the screen refreshed faster than the internal db was able to process.

Just for my quick reference.


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