Simple, universal things to make an admin's job easier the Tableau Server (a.k.a. Server) should have the following (currently using v8.3 at the time of this writing):

  • Search for a User.  Allow by either Full Name or Username.  Functionality is there but for some reason it was missing at a time when I needed it.  Can't remember now
  • When in a Group, clicking the Add link will add a new user to the Group currently displayed:  Implemented in version 9.



  • When adding a new User(s) there should be a list of Groups that can be multi-selected to place the new User(s) in:

Not ideal but multiple Groups can be selected by scrolling through the list (1) as well as typing in the search box (2) and checking the box when the desired Group displays in the filter:


  • True Active Directory synch.  Users are removed if they are no longer in AD (leave the company, leave an AD group they were in, etc.)

     Actually fixed in v8.1 but not publicly announced as fixed in the bug list.

  • Option to have Alerts emailed to the object owner so they know their process failed and can thus correct it:

     Implemented in version 10.


The page controls also need to be at the top of the page.  Right now they are only at the bottom.

New scrolling and Search (top of page) features make this no longer an issue in v.9.



Need the ability to sort on the columns "Type" and "Alerts" in "Content >> Data Sources" :

Fixed in v.9.



Need a Cancel button for this prompt:


One example of getting this screen is when going into Edit mode when displaying a workbook on the Server.



I want the ability to size the panes (red vertical line below):


In this example, it would allow me to see the full title of the Project.

Not an issue in v.9.